Friday, 23 May 2014

Me Made May 14

Obviously I didn't actually participate in this year's Me Made May. I would have liked to, but reckoned I probably had quite enough on my plate. Plus I wasn't in the mood to whip up a self stitched hospital gown with matching surgical stockings...

But, I have spent a LOT of time on Bloglovin and on the MMM14 Pinterest board, and have really enjoyed following along. I've actually found myself skipping past other posts to get to the MMM ones. I think it's that nice thing of seeing how people actually wear their handmade garments IRL. To read about what works and what doesn't is actually pretty interesting, plus I'm always interested in styling ideas. And let's not forget the ability to nosey in on others' lives!

I haven't really been on Flickr at all but have enjoyed the Pinterest board this year, particularly as it's introduced me to some great new blogs to follow. I am spending a lot of my life currently, on the couch, baby on one arm, iPad in the other, so more blogs = more to read. I have literally been gorging myself on sewing related chat! 

The view, as I type.

I have, however, been joining in spirit this year, and have managed to still wear some me made items. So far, since the baby (still to come up with a nickname for him) arrived, my focus has been on comfort, whatever is clean, and whatever doesn't need ironed. And it needs to be breastfeeding friendly. To that end, I am pleased to say that my 3 MN ruched maternity tops have been in high rotation. They are really comfy and the drapey fabric is easy to feed in, and I can get away without ironing them! They are so comfy, I'm considering hanging onto them even once I am "back to normal". I figure if I can take them up at the front to get rid of the extra length, they might just work.  

Obviously my dressing gown has been used quite a bit, although, ironically it was too hot in hospital to need it, and it's been cooler here again this past week, so it's not had as much use as I expected. 

Sadly, my polo shirt refashions aren't proving as useful as I expected. Not sure why but they are just not that flattering. Maybe they never were. I think the combo of shape (boxy) with fabric type (stable knit) just doesn't work now that I've slimmed down a bit. I may try taking them in, but then suspect they then might not work well for feeding, as they don't stretch. I hope I can make them work somehow, as I really like them.

And that's about it. My wardrobe is very limited right now, with literally 2 pairs of jeggings, and a handful of tops. I hope to rectify that soon (not least because I am struggling to stay on top of ensuring I have something clean to wear each day), but not sure when I will be sewing again. Small Boy actually asked last night when I was going to "make things again. Dresses, and sewing or something"! I can of course, buy stuff, but I am missing sewing - a direct result of reading about it so much - and hoping to get back to it soon.

What are you working on now?

P.S. Does anyone know how to add links on the Blogger iPad app? I can't figure it out...


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Completed: My latest make

This make has been a WIP for, oh, about 9 months. You could say, it's self drafted...

This wee boy was born on Tuesday. He is happy and healthy, with the requisite number of fingers and toes etc.

His big brother is also glad he is here (although would still like a baby sister at some point, apparently).

I am also doing well. He was delivered by elective c section, so it was very calm and it all went to plan. I am sore, but recovering well.

I don't share Small Boy's name on the blog, so won't be sharing this little one's either. So, I will need to get inventive and come up with a pseudonym for him at some point. 

The blog will be somewhat quiet for a while, while we get to grips with our new family member, and put the jigsaw pieces together to figure out how this is all going to work! I will still be reading your posts though! I'm sure they will keep me sane during the long nighttime feeds! 
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