Saturday, 3 January 2015

A sewing Christmas

I was lucky enough to receive a few sewing related gifts this Christmas, that I thought I would share with you.

First up was this, which was actually a birthday present from my sister. 

This little jar of pins is really cute, and immediately made me think of Roisin, as it's from Berylune, although I presume my sister bought it in Edinburgh somewhere.

I had this on my wishlist, and my mum very generously bought it for me. If you're a long time reader you'll know that I often lament my lack of knowledge when it comes to fabric types, so this is perfect. There are a quite a few reviews of this book out there (Oonaballoona and Ginger spring to mind), and it really is as great as they say, with decent sized swatches covering most fabric types I can think of (finally I get all the fuss about silk charmeuse), as well as interesting information about how fabrics are created, and what makes them what they are. If anyone is interested in knowing more about the book, let me know and I'll do a separate post.

Another request, this time fulfilled by my husband - subscription to Seamwork. I did deliberate over this, as you can read the mag for free and I don't always love Colette patterns, but I likes the look of the first patterns. I haven't actually had time to read the first edition yet - something I will have to rectify soon. 

Another gift from my husband - a gift voucher for The Village Haberdashery. They always have really lovely fabrics, so I am looking forward to spending this.

Finally, this wasn't actually a gift for me, but for Baby Boy and made by my mum. It's a bag for storing his toys in. The fabrics she chose are adorable and she hand quilted round some of the little dinosaurs. Isn't that cute? Love the expression on that green dinosaur's face!

Did you receive any sewing related gifts this year?


  1. Ooooh, great gifts! Love the dinosaur bag, that fabric is brilliant! A x

  2. Sewing Christmas heaven, lucky you. And lucky boy,your mum did a great job.


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