Monday, 21 October 2013

Giving Something Back: A Giveaway! **Giveaway now closed**

This post is overdue in a number of ways.

For a wee while I have been thinking that it's about time I gave something back to the online sewing community. It has been very generous to me in the short time I've been blogging. Here's a quick reminder of what I've won:

McCalls 7385 courtesy of Cation Designs
This beautiful embroidered boat brooch, made by Jo of Adventures and Tea Parties, given away by House of Pinheiro
Some beautiful blue striped chambray courtesy of The Polished Button
2.5m of amazing wax cotton AND Simplicity 1609 from the gorgeous Amazing Taracat
Not to mention 3 Liebster awards

And then there has been the amazing generosity of the swap partners I've been lucky to have been paired with (here and here), and finally, I can't not mention the unspeakable kindness of Danielle of One Small Stitch and the infamous large check gingham!

It becomes apparent that I really ought to be saying thank you using more than just words.

Way back in August (I know, I know), my friend Jo and I visited the Coming Into Fashion exhibition at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh. This was a stunning exhibition featuring over 150 photographs and magazines from the Conde Nast archives, dating back 10 decades.

Source - This is the only photo I can remember and can find online!
Photography is one of my favourite art media, and this exhibition didn't disappoint. There were photos galore, spread over 2 floors of the building, literally covering from the 1900's to present day. The only criticism I have is that the information provided for each photo was minimal, featuring only the publication, date and photographer. I would have loved to have known more about the "story" or the concept behind each one. There was one photo of an Italian actor and a female model and when we were looking at it, admiring the model's hair, one of the guys working there (what do you call those people who work for museums and kind of mill about the rooms, usually wearing tartan trousers?) told us the background story of the actor, which involved him moving to the US, having an affair with Frank Sinatra's other half (Ava Gardner, I think) and then being "sent" back to Italy by Frank's mob. And so ended his career! I would have loved to have known that kind of detail about more of the photos.

Anyway, what does this have to do with anything? Well, the City Art Centre has a lovely little shop. And when browsing said shop, I came across these, which I thought would be perfect for a little giveaway on a sewing blog and a nice way to say thank you and to give something back!

4 really cute pin badges on a sewing theme, made by Kate Broughton, and 4 beautiful ceramic buttons made by Stockwell Ceramics.

So, if you would like to be in with a chance of winning these, please leave me a comment below, leaving a contact email address. Closing date is next Tuesday 29th October and the giveaway is open to international readers. I will pull a name out of a hat and will post the winner some time next week. Good luck!

***Sorry, Giveaway now closed!***


  1. The stories behind old photo's are usually most interesting, and sometimes juicy! Love your giveaway and would enjoy my name being popped in the hat for the chance to win - they are just so cute ... J

  2. Oh how much more must there be to know about the story behind the other photos, I'd have wanted the museum guide to tell me everything he knew! Lovely giveaway but no need to pop my name in the hat, I've been lucky like you in the past, crafty bloggers are very generous :)

  3. Lovely prizes - I would love to win! Am planning a giveaway myself too!

  4. Lovely prizes - I would love to win! Am planning a giveaway myself too!

  5. Your so lovely Helen, pop me in the hat too. The online sewing community is so supportive.

  6. Thank you for having a contest! Please put me in the hat - bobbipiles1229(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. Buttons, a dressmaker's favourite. Well I would love to be included in the draw. Those ceramic buttons are beautiful. I tried to make some on a pottery course but they were so uneven and not at all what I'd envisaged.

  8. What lovely prizes! I'd love to be included :)
    That photo is so strange and beautiful. I'm with you - I would have liked to know more about each photo rather than just the date and photographer!

  9. Aw, those badges and buttons are too cute! I'd love a chance to win them. The exhibit sounds like it was wonderful. My email is

  10. So nice having this giveaway, thank you! :) I´d love to win :)

  11. What a great giveaway! Count me in :) daniellekrivan@gmail,com
    The exhibition sounds amazing. I hear you re knowing more background information; I always like knowing the back story of exhibits too. Lucky you had the helpful little tartan man (I love that mental image!) for one of them, at least!

  12. Fantastic giveaway, very kind of you, love the buttons. :D


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