Monday, 17 March 2014

Exciting developments in the Sewing World

Did you see the very exciting announcement from By Hand London at the end of last week? Not only are they now selling their first purpose designed fabric, but they are planning on moving into digitally printing fabric, that will be designed by... us!

 Despite the fact that I have no idea how to even begin designing my own fabric, I am really excited about this! I have previously written about my frustrations in finding the "right" fabric for a pattern, so it would be ideal for someone like me - if I actually had a creative, artistic bone in my body, that is! Still, my hope is that, like on Spoonflower, other people will come up with the goods and I'll be able to benefit from their talent, with the knowledge that it will be printed in the UK, and that I won't need to pay for delivery from overseas, or be concerned that I might be slapped with some ridiculous tax fee!

The BLH ladies have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to allow them to do this. They are hoping to raise £35k, and so far have raised £8k - not bad going in 4 days! They have also made a video explaining exactly how the process will work, which features Oona, Roisin from Dolly Clackett and Heather Lou of Closet Case Files. It's worth viewing just to hear their voices and to understand how you actually pronounce Elisalex's name...

I was also excited to learn today that Guthrie & Ghani (the shop run by Lauren, finalist in GBSB season 1) is now selling Atelier Brunette fabric. I have lurked their website many times since discovering Jolie Bobines's blog. If you don't know Jolie Bobine's blog you should go check it out right now.  Go on. I'll wait... Oh, you're back. Isn't she amazing? She makes the most beautiful garments and I covet every single fabric that she uses. All of which she purchases in Paris. However... now we can buy some of them here too! Hurrah!

Bye Bye Birdie

Like a Dandy

Le Bassin de Bateaux

Unfortunately my favourite, Remember Me, doesn't seem to be available on the G&G site, however my close second, Bye Bye Birdie (see above) is, along with 5 others. Hopefully there will be more to come. I have no need to buy this at the moment, so was reluctant to share this with you in case you buy it all before I get the chance... but then I thought that if it sells out then hopefully Lauren will just buy more, and perhaps widen the range ever so slightly...



  1. Helen, thank YOU for the shout out!! xx

  2. Very exciting news! I really liked the idea that if other people buy your design then you get to make a little money too. I'm already thinking of ideas!

  3. The BHL news is so exciting, and did you see the fabric they released already, it's gorgeous! I do love Jolie Bobines fabrics so cheers for the tip in Guthrie & Ghani - though no new fabric for me till I use some of what I already have!

  4. I hadn't seen that - thanks for sharing the news! I'll have to duck over and check it out immediately...

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