Monday, 29 June 2015

Guesting // My Changing Style


Today, I'm guest posting over at Oranges and Apples while Franca is off having a baby. If you are interested in some further Me Made May provoked naval gazing, and just a general observation about me, what I want to wear and how that has changed, then you can read the post here.



  1. Great post! I like the way you point out that style is not fixed and unchanging, but impacted and influenced by lots of other factors. Good food for thought!

  2. Great post, I've never really worn the fit and flare look. Though I love it on others it does nothing for me! The loose fitting tops you are sewing are so stylish and practical. Can you see yourself wearing this look at work? I think you could easily style it for office wear.

    1. Thank you Louise! Yes, I absolutely can wear this style at work, I just need to make/buy some more trousers to wear with the tops. Previously I mostly wore dresses/skirts to the office, so I'm a bit low on trousers.


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