Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Edinburgh Meet Up!

Quite the social butterfly, just now!!

Another meet up, this time in my home town of Edinburgh! A group of us are going to see Fully Fashioned: The Pringle of Scotland Story at the NMS on Sunday 26th July. If anyone fancies joining us, we are meeting at 12pm outside the main entrance. We are then going for lunch and potentially definitely fabric shopping.

If you fancy it, please come! I am booking a table for lunch, so probably best to get in touch beforehand if you want to join us.

Helen x


  1. Yay! Looking forward to it

  2. Would love to, gonna be in London to see the McQueen exhibition though

  3. Count me in! Looking forward to it already. Can you mention when you book lunch that I'm a gluten free diner? Thanks for organising the meet up :)


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