Friday, 1 April 2016

2016 Sewing Budget: March

Right, before we start, I need to make a disclaimer: I have partly failed this month. Failed because I bought lots of fabric, but only partly because I didn't actually spend very much money. Let me explain: I won a £50 giftcard for The Splendid Stitch. Amy has started a Customer's Gallery on her website and to launch it, she ran a draw. I uploaded a photo of my jumpsuit and happily my name was picked out the hat. I needn't have spent it immediately - there was no expiry date - but I had my heart set on a particular fabric (the Atelier Brunette) that I (correctly) suspected would sell out pretty quickly. The gift card was single use, so this happened:

In my defense, there was a great deal of consideration made over what to buy and even ordered swatches. How sensible. Every single thing I bought has a plan against it. Well, nearly.

Bottom to top:
Navy crosshatch denim (and matching thread) - another Inari dress.
Black Eva poly-viscose suiting - trousers, probably the Cali Faye Hampshire Trousers, which is a pattern I don't yet own. I know, I know, but I don't have a suitable trouser pattern for this fabric and I REALLY NEED trousers for work, so it is permitted.
Black Lydia viscose challi (out of stock, so no link) - this is to accompany the...
Atelier Brunette modal challis - this was going to be either a Biscayne blouse or a Camas, but then there wasn't enough fabric left. I really wanted the fabric though, so I bought the very last 0.75m and then chucked in metre of the black rayon challis so I can combine the two. I haven't actually decided what I'll make; possibly another Geometry top, or maybe something else. Maybe I'll just see if I can get hold of more of it, and use the black viscose for something else?

Oh yeah, and the linocutting tools? Well, I've been dabbling a bit in fabric printing. I already had all the other bits needed, so I just needed some cutting tools to get going. The results of this will hopefully be finished and blogged soon.

In theory I shouldn't really need to buy anything in April. I have the Inari dress to sew, plus that shirt dress that I am procrastinating on because I think it is going to be hard. But I really could do with trousers (Me Made May is fast approaching!). Let's see! How are you getting on?


  1. i LOVE your atelier brunette fabric. definitely worth a splurge, especially with a gift card!

  2. Those are some lovely fabrics, the denim will be great as the inari dress. Enjoy sewing them up.

  3. I don't think thats a bad month at all! I had a bit of a splurge at Ditto today and some more fabric on the way from elsewhere! My grandma used to say "It don't eat nothing!" Fabric is tricky as once its gone its usually difficult to find the same thing again! Loving your budgeting every month. x

  4. What gorgeous fabrics! I just bought a little bit of Atelier brunette for a quilt and wish I'd bought more so I could make a top as it's such gorgeous soft fabric. I think that's a pretty restrained month. I've spent a lot this month on fabrics for baby quilts, quilting supplies, and jersey ribbings for toddler t-shirts. Nothing for me though so I don't count it, that's wrong though isn't it?! Can't wait to see what you make with these!


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