Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Me Made May


Gosh. I've forgotten how to go about writing the opening for a blog post!! Well, we have a fair amount of stuff going on at the moment. We are extending and replacing our kitchen, and are 8 weeks into a 10 week build. We have kitchen stuff piled up all over the house and every surface is covered in dust. Last week we had no hot water, no central heating and no washing machine for 5 days. It's exhausting and I am getting really fed up now, but the builders will finish in the next couple of weeks. I have no idea when the new kitchen will be installed, but at present it might not be until the end of June. Sad face. Oh! And Baby Boy has chicken pox, and he turned 3. And he left the interior light on in my car, meaning I had to get a new car battery...

So, anyway: Me Made May! Yes I am doing it. I never wrote my pledge at the start of the month, but I am joining in. Given all of the above, I am keeping it simple: I am wearing a me made item every day, and proving it with a selfie. That's it, nothing more. You'll have noticed I'm also not doing my usual weekly round ups on here. Again time and inclination, however I thought I'd try to do a couple of roundups through the month, so here is the first.

Day 1
Colette Laurel Blouse in Liberty Tana Lawn, plus Grainline Moss Mini skirt in cotton from Ikea.

Day 2
Atelier Scammit Stockholm Blouse in cotton gingham

Day 3
Named Inari Dress in denim

Day 4
Grainline Linden sweat in self-quilted sweatshirting, over a stepped hem long sleeve stripy Grainline Lark tee, which you can't see.

Day 5
Grainline Linden sweat, stencilled with an ampersand, over a plain black short sleeve Grainline Lark tee.

Day 6
Little Tailoress Emmeline Tee in double gauze, plus another me made; Baby Boy, who celebrated his third birthday today.

Day 7
Grainline Scout tee in viscose with hacked pleat front.

Day 8
Grainline Scout tee in cotton voile, with hacked ruffle bum

Day 9
Named Inari dress in Cotton + Steel rayon

It seems I have some favourite patterns, and favourite pattern designers! These are all worn with regularity normally. So far, so good this month!


  1. These are fab. I love your collection of Scout tees and Linden sweatshirts.
    Hope the building work continues OK - I lived through my house renovation for 2 years and the constant dust and disruption is frustrating but it will be worth it!

  2. Gosh what a week for you. I'm sure the renos will be worth it, just think of that beautiful kitchen just over the horizon!

  3. I've never lived in a house under reno (I know, WHAT?) I've lived in apartments most of my life (50 years) and my parents never renoed the main living area (I don't think my mother would have tolerated it to be honest - my father was relegated to finishing basements :) ) so I cannot imagine how awful this must be for you - I would HATE it :) Love your makes this month!

  4. Wow it sounds pretty full on having all that work done, but going by your pics on instagram it's going to look amazing! You're so good at remembering to take photos for me Made May. I love that inari dress of yours and all your grainline makes!

  5. New kitchen is so close, it will be so worth it. That stripey Inari dress is fabulous.


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