Friday, 20 February 2015

Completed: Grainline Scout Mark Eighty (or something similar)

Are you bored of me posting about Scout tees now? I know some bloggers ask this when they post about basics, or multiples of a pattern, but I know that I am always keen to see what others make, regardless of how many they have made before. Sometimes it's just the inspiration, you  know? They don't necessarily need to write much, if there isn't anything new to say. I suppose if you don't agree, you can just skip this post. :)

So, I made another Scout tee. Actually, I fancied making something different, but I only had a metre of fabric, and I didn't know specifically what I wanted to make. I certainly wasn't going to buy patterns on the off chance that I might fit all the pieces into a metre. So, another Scout it was. Officially, the Scout needs more than a metre, but I've found I can squeeze it in to 140cm wide fabric, if I make my own bias binding, rather than using the pattern piece given. This time, however I managed to use all the pattern pieces AND fit them into the metre. Win!

The fabric is Chalk Charcoal by Atelier Brunette, which I ordered from Guthrie and Ghani when I bought the fabric for my 1974 dress (and therefore is from the stash). I think I only bought a metre for financial reasons, rather than any other. I should probably stop doing that. At some point I will have enough Scouts.

The fabric is lovely. It has a gorgeous handle, very similar to Liberty Tana Lawn. It sews and presses like a dream, and is so nice to wear. It's a bit lightweight for this time of year, truth be told, and as much as I'm really happy with this iteration, it doesn't seem to sit that well under a cardigan. Other than adding 3cm to the length, this is a straight up as drafted and instructed version. The first time I've done that, I think. Now that I've done that, I'm wondering if I couldn't get away with a size smaller. I made the size 4, as I always do, according to my bust measurement, but it does have a lot of ease, and it might be a smidgen too big on the shoulders. I think I might try a size 2 at some point. Then again, I reprinted the PDF for this version, and didn't trace, so I might not...

The shoulder and side seams are French seamed, while the sleeves are currently pinked. This is because I made this in an evening. I didn't intend to, but it got to the point where I realised I could finish, meaning I would have a new top to wear the next day. The instructions are written so that the sleeves are the last thing you do (not the best, really, when you are sewing tired), and I didn't want to get the overlocker out at 11.30pm. I say "currently" because I probably will go back and overlock the seam at some point. Probably. My bias facing is really neat - probably my best, but I did manage to slightly stretch out the neckline, meaning it ever so slightly stands proud. Other than that, I'm really happy with it, and it's a nice addition to the wardrobe - even if it is more likely to be a spring piece.


Lastly, the light in the photos, and in my last post is not great. Apologies. My husband is working in Dublin a lot at the moment, so I am taking my own blog photos. WITH MY NEW CAMERA!* I'm still figuring it out, plus, you know: winter light. I'm hoping to get back to taking photos outside, but until I get a tripod, get over my fear of posing for photos in front of the neighbours (that yellow/cream wall that's featured in my photos relatively recently is across the road from our house), AND figure out how to take photos without getting run over, it's photos inside, and poor light. Alternatively I need to train up Small Boy.

* I bought an Olympus Stylus 1, which some retailers described as a bridge and some described as a high performance compact. It's smaller than most bridges which I preferred - with 2 small children, I already have enough stuff to carry around - but seems to have pretty good functionality and photo quality. Not that you can tell with the rubbish light...



  1. It's lovely! Such a striking print. I always like seeing different versions of a pattern; it's good to get an idea how versatile a pattern is before you buy. Plus, like you said, it can be a great inspiration point :) Hope the weather turns spring-ish for you soon!

  2. My top tip for persuading boys to take pictures- bribery! Great blouse. Good to know this only takes a metre. It will really come into it's on when the weather warms up.

  3. love the fabric! i don't mind if people post about multiple makes!

  4. Ah it's lovely! I'm totally jumping on the scout tee band wagon very soon. Your bias binding looks so neat! xxx


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