Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Years Resolutions - 2018

My New Year’s resolutions this year take the following form. As always I started out with a big list, but I know that it’s most effective to keep them to a minimum. I am also steering clear of negative resolutions – you know the ones, the things you aim to do because they will make you “better”, like the current you is somehow lacking. 
So, here goes:

1.       Spend more time outside. This year I’d like to spend more time in my garden. We weren’t able to do that much last year while the building work went on, and my gardening has really taken a backseat to sewing and child-rearing over the past 7 years. I’d like to return to gardening, to get more joy from both the process and the result, but I’d also just like to be outside more, whether that’s exercising, gardening, playing with the boys, going for walks or just chilling.
2.       Prioritise exercise. I know I said I wasn’t trying to self-improve, but I’m conscious that although I am thin and healthy, I am not fit. I don’t consider myself a couch-potato by any stretch, but my preferred activities do revolve around sitting, my job is desk bound, and I drive to and from work. I’m also conscious that I am often tired, stressed and anxious and I think (hope) that exercise will help with this. I also want to set a good example for the kids, and to have the energy and fitness levels to properly run around with them. Gardening will help, as will being outside (apart from the chilling aspect), but I’d also like to make a concerted effort to use the gym at work and maybe run/walk a bit more.
3.       Read more books. This doesn’t need further explanation, does it?
4.       Socialise more. I feel like I hardly saw anyone last year. The building work really took its toll on both our finances and our time and energy. Now we have a shiny new kitchen, I want to entertain more, and I want to be more proactive about arranging get-togethers with my friends.  I also want to bear in mind that entertaining doesn’t have to be a full on extravaganza. It’s about seeing people, not dazzling them with fancy food.

But what about the sewing resolutions? Well, I don’t have any. I plan to continue sewing as often as I can and to blog as and when I want to, and that’s what I do already. No changes. No revelations. No guilt about the stash, no self-reproach about what I sew and for who and no pressure to sew all the things. 

With that in mind, I have a number of things to photograph and blog that I sewed at the back end of the year, so watch this space!
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