Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Panic sewing? Moi?

I was (gently) chastised today for having been on holiday since Friday and for not having produced a single blog post in that time!

Jo is probably right, so I thought I'd let you see what I'm working on now.

Am definitely thinking a sleeveless version is on the cards soon!
My first Mathilde! I am making this in a voile and so have underlined the bodice. I plan to leave the sleeves sheer. After much consulting with Katy and Marie, both of whom have made voile lined version, I have opted to go with Marie's method i.e. sewing the tucks on the fashion fabric only, but from there on in treating the lining (white cotton lawn) and the fashion fabric as one, therefore underlining, rather than lining it.

I'm actually undecided about the fabric. I wanted something light and drapey and came across this voile, which I assumed was cotton because it was on a stand with all the other light, drapey floral cottons. But I now know it is some type of poly, probably a mix. Go on, ask me how I know...

Yep, if you press it on medium high, it melts! Right after you've spent an hour doing 6 pin tucks, obviously. Cue much swearing and an emergency trip to Mandors to procure a further 60cm of fabric!

I'm not sure the print is very me. I don't wear a lot of pink and now I'm wondering if it's a bit "little girl cute", but hey it's worth a shot. If nothing else, it can be a very expensive wearable muslin...

I still have the neckline facing to finish, the button placket, buttonholes etc to do and the sleeves to attach, but should be finished fairly soon. Maybe even by the end of the week if I can get some sewing time tomorrow or Friday. And that's one more wearable item for Me Made May!

I am really trying hard not to panic sew for MMM, but it's hard not to! Ideas keep popping into my head along the lines of "oh, I could just quickly sew that up..." and suddenly my self-made wardrobe seems very small. I do have plans over the rest of my break, but on the off chance I manage more sewing, here are some other fabrics I have on hand and my thoughts on what I might do with them.

Top: green and navy silk. I bought this with another Violet in mind. This may still happen, or it might turn into something else. My first Violet (not yet blogged, but you'll be seeing a lot of it next month!) has some fit issues that I need to resolve, so as much as I want another Violet, it's not a quick fix.

Middle: blue and white striped linen. I have never sewn with linen and only bought this because in Mandors they'd made up a nautical inspired mannequin with this as a kimono sleeve top. I intend to replicate this and will probably just duplicate my graphic print kimono sleeve top, so it should be a fairly quick make. The stripes run vertically on the fabric, but I quite fancy them horizontal. Anyone foresee any issues with this?

Bottom: bargain Liberty cotton lawn (£9.99 a metre!). This is earmarked for a Laurel blouse. I will probably make this first so I can enter the Laurel competition. I did have grand plans for the Laurel competition, but I haven't yet found the right fabric, so this may not happen. We'll see! In the meantime, I can make the blouse as I really like these versions:.

Flossie Teacakes - isn't this beautiful? It's Liberty silk!
Scruffy Badger - love this striped version
Here's another picture of my fabrics. Can you see the lovely scallop pattern in the flowers? Hmmm. Maybe that would make a nice Laurel?

Do you agree with my plans for these fabrics, or do you think I should do something different? What are you working on just now?

H x


  1. I think you've married plans and fabrics beautifully! And even if the Violet has some issues to resolve, it looks like all three are very achievable for MMM (thank God we can sew DURING May!)
    I haven't had a chance to panic-sew yet - these costumes are yet to be finished - I've been panic-pattern-buying instead. Hopefully they're achievable goals too!

  2. I think your Mathilde fabric looks springy and not too girly. I may have to borrow the underlining tip for a future top. I've done the exact same with melting my fabric. It's bad enough that the fabric is ruined, but what a pain it is to clean the iron too. Your plans sound great. I think since the Laurel is a simple design, the floral fabric will be perfect. And I love, love the green and navy silk! I just got the Mission Maxi pattern from Jamie Christina in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to start on it.


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