Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I had wanted to write this post yesterday, but ran out of time. But, am I the only one who envisaged Sewists across the world yesterday, anxiously sewing bias binding on their Laurels, while simultaneously ensuring all self-made items in their wardrobes were freshly washed and ironed, both in anticipation of deadlines that finished last night and started this morning. That could be another round on the Great British Sewing Bee!

This was me yesterday. Although I never quite got to the ironing stage, so I still spent about 5 minutes this morning standing aimlessly in my bedroom, wondering what the hell I was going to wear. Start as you mean to go on, I guess, but unless I get much better at laundry management this is going to be a tough month!

My panic sewing hasn't really happened. Again, due to lack of time. You'd think having a fortnight off work would afford me plenty of sewing time and that I'd have whipped up an entire capsule wardrobe by now, but alas, no. I have friends you see, and a family. In the past week I have spent quality time with the Small Boy; Zoo, Museum of Childhood, kids show at the theatre, baking, play dates, shopping for him (and letting him chose the weird, scary Octopus t-shirt and shoes like mummy's and daddy's), but most importantly, LUNCH IN A CAFE (just like Sophie)! I have also met friends for lunch and for coffee, been to the opticians, painted my nails, cuddled a 3 week old baby, been to the Portrait Gallery, charity shopped, been to the ECA Graduate Fashion Show and attempted to buy bras (fail). Phew!

The Grosgrain Green family are brought to you by their sponsor, Converse...
I have also managed some progress on my Mathilde, which I am really, really pleased with! Still a little unsure of my fabric, but I am so proud of my sewing quality that I will wear it regardless! Just wait til I show you the insides! I could weep with joy at their perfection!

Here is my Laurel  blouse:

Never quite made the deadline, as you can quite clearly see! I got to Sunday and suddenly realised I only really had about half a day in which to make this, including printing the PDF and cutting that out. It was never going to happen, but I made a good attempt. I printed and cut the PDF pattern on Monday, while Small Boy watched Peppa Pig, and then yesterday morning I made my muslin! I don't always bother with this, but I knew from previous experience that Colette patterns are large on me, but too short.

So, after a few adjustments (hopefully better than my attempts with my Joan dress) we were good to go... when I suddenly realised I hadn't pre-washed my fabric. I suspect that Liberty Lawn is such good quality that it won't shrink, but I wasn't willing to take the risk, particularly as my adjustments have been to make the garment smaller. So that is as far as I got yesterday. I have missed the competition deadline, but TBH having perused the Flickr group a couple of times, I don't feel I'm in danger of having missed out on any major prizes! The standard is absolutely outstanding, and my humble, pretty, design-straight-from-the-packet blouse was never exactly going to raise the stakes! The judges are going to have a really tough time deciding. I can't wait to see the results!

Now, I have a free day ahead of me today. My last free day. Tomorrow my mum and I are braving the Boden Clearance Sale (elbows at the ready) and sadly, I have to work on Friday. The sun isn't shining, so I feel less guilty about having neglected my garden all week. I've now written this, so I don't feel guilty about not having posted for a while. There is a pile of ironing, cleaning and general sorting out to do, but that's not for today. Today I am going to sew my Laurel and nothing can stop me!

H x



  1. Nice to read a guilt-free post about not meeting deadlines. Many people seem to be beating themselves up a bit unfortunately. It is just clothes making after all. Good for you on seeing to the priorities of family!

    1. Some things are just now worth getting stressed about! Yes it would be nice to participate and be in with a chance of winning, but hey ho, there will be other competitions and other challenges. Such is the nature of our hobby! :)

  2. Sounds like you have had a great time! I admire you for going to the sale tomorrow, I went once, about 4 years ago and it was crazy!


    1. Ha ha! I'm deliberately going later to avoid the pushing, elbowing and grabbing. I'll let you know how we get on!

  3. Sound like you've been keeping yourself busy! Good for you for not sweating the small stuff!

  4. Perfect attitude - it's so easy to get caught up in all of the contests and challenges. Your first paragraph made me laugh - great visual! The Laurel fabric looks lovely (very cute shoe pic)!

    1. Thanks, Shar! And in the spirit of complete honesty, Small Boy's shoes are a cheapo converse rip off! £6 from H&M! I'm obsessive about ensuring his feet don't get damaged by cheap shoes, so these are the first pair he's ever had that aren't Clarks (Clarks make "proper" shoes and measure for half sizes and width etc etc).

    2. Me too - I had my daughter in Stride Rite shoes until she sized out of them. My mom wore Clarks when I was growing up so I always thought of them as 'old lady shoes' (lovely, right?). A few years ago a store opened near me and I now own a few pairs of quite nice shoes from them!

  5. It sounds like your time off has been wonderful! And I think you absolutely made the right call - the sewing will always be there, but Small Boy won't be small for long! I LOVE the family photo too - beyond sweet!


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