Friday, 3 May 2013

MMM13 Week One

I'm not sure how best to do this, so I'll start this way and see how I get on. I thought I'd do a round up post once a week (a Friday, if possible). I'm doing rubbishy old selfies in the morning, to ensure I capture the outfit and if I have time I'll try to photograph it properly later in the day. Hopefully you'll mostly see the proper photos. Oh, and I've decided to rate my outfit on how happy I am with it each day. The score is out of 5.

Off we go:

Wed 1st

Skirt: Megan Nielsen Kelly
Top: Thrifted
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit? 5/5
Photo taken on iPhone, which clearly isn't working.
Oh - Megan Nielsen, HERSELF, favourited and commented on this photo! How thrilling?!

Thur 2nd

Blouse: Colette Laurel
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happiness with outfit: 5/5, although not sure if this is a bad angle, or if I REALLY don't suit these jeans.

Fri 3rd

Blouse: Colette Violet NPB (Not Previously Blogged)
Rest of outfit: RTW. And yes, they are the same jeans as yesterday. Lazy dressing!
Happy with outfit? 5/5. I basically lived in this outfit last summer!

Short week, this week, so relatively easy so far! If you are taking part, how are you finding MMM-13 so far?


  1. Hi Helen! How exciting to get a comment from Megan herself!!! Very impressed.
    I'm doing by round ups on Mondays, but posting them to the Flickr group as I go. Did you see there is going to be Theme Fridays that you can follow if you want to. It all sounds quite fun doesn't it!

    1. Hi Nessa! I know! Made my week!
      Looking forward to your round ups. I didn't know about the theme Friday idea. Is it a theme set by Zoe? I'll need to look into that. It does sound like fun! :)

  2. Such lovely outfits! I just love your new laurel so much, its gorgeous!

  3. You're off to a great start; beautiful outfits all! And how fantastic to have Megan herself comment! Isn't MMM fun??


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