Friday, 17 May 2013

MMM13 Week Three

Saturday 11th May
Repeat alert!
Blouse: Colette Laurel (y'all know that by now!)
Rest of outfit: RTW
I did later accessorise with the same necklace I wore last week (the flower one) and a RTW cardigan.
Happy with outftit: 5/5 (once I had the necklace on). Love the blouse, still getting loads of compliments for it and it seems to go with every single item in my wardrobe. Win!
Oh, and in the morning, to go to swimming lessons, I wore a repeat of last Saturday's outfit: MariaDenmark Kimono tee, jeans and hoodie (RTW). I didn't photograph it because it's exactly the same as last week. I guess technically, I did wear an outfit without any me-mades in it - my swimming costume - but let's not get too pedantic about that one! :)

Sunday 12th May

Skirt: My old friend, Red Denim Kelly
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit? 5/5 I love the nautical look of this outfit. The tee is a new buy, from Anthropologie, but is guilt free as it was bought with a giftcard that I received from my brother for my Christmas. he photo is a bit blurry, but it's a rope print, which will be very apt for our seaside holiday next month!

Monday 13th May

Blouse: Simplicity 3835 (NPB - not previously blogged)
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit: 3/5. Nothing in particular wrong with this, I just felt a bit blah. But it was a Monday, and we were having a Chores Day.

Tuesday 14th May
Skirt: New Look 6872 (NPB)
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit: 4/5. This skirt was the very first thing I ever made. It's a little big on the waist, but it's very comfy and I love the print, which is chrysanthemums. I don't wear it much any more as I went off it a bit after I had Small Boy. Not sure why really, as it looks fine in the photo! Maybe I just need something more exciting to pair it with.

Wednesday 15th May

Blouse: Vogue 8683 (a dress pattern which I shortened)
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit: 4/5. This is really the wrong fabric for this blouse. The pattern calls for a more drapey fabric, such as double knit, lightweight crepe or tropical wool (whatever that is). As such, it doesn't really hang right and has a tendency to make me look pregnant but I like the shape of the shoulders and the pleats at the neck, so I'm not put off by that. I hadn't worn this since last summer, so it was a nice surprise this morning to find something else me made that I hadn't yet worn for the challenge!
I am wearing no shoes because they got wet in the rain, and are now drying. What you can't see from this photo is that they also dyed my feet orange!

Thursday 16th May
Blouse: Mathilde
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit: 5/5 New blouse happiness and lots of compliments about it today too! :)

Friday 17th May
Tee: Maria Denmark Kimono Tee
Skirt: Red Denim Kelly
Happy with outfit: 3/5. I just don't love this t-shirt! I wouldn't be wearing it this much if it wasn't Me Made May. I like the other versions I've seen out there, I just don't like mine. And you get a back view today because you must be fed up of seeing the front of that skirt by now!

It's just dawned on me that I'm going away  next weekend to stay with friends, who don't yet know that I blog. The daily photographs will be an interesting one to explain! :)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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