Friday, 10 May 2013

MMM13 Week Two

Saturday 4th May
2 outfits today.

Outfit 1 (left)
Tee: MariaDenmark Kimono tee NPB (not previously blogged)
Rest of outfit: RTW.
Happy with outfit: 4/5. This is a functional, rather than style driven outfit, so it serves that purpose.
Worn to swimming lessons, first thing this morning, then gardening later on (with a fleece AND a hoodie on top, both RTW).
I don't love this t-shirt because I messed up the neck and it's ended up slightly v-neck, rather than the boat neck of the design. But it serves a purpose, and is really comfy, so I've held on to it. You will probably see this every Saturday during May, as it's my only handmade knit top and I need something comfy and easy to pull on and off to get changed quickly for swimming, and which doesn't get crushed in a bag in a locker!
Got a comment and a favourite from MariaDenmark on Flickr for this one. Woop woop!

Outfit 2 (right)
Blouse: New Look 6351
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit: 5/5. Loving mixing pink with orange just now!
Worn to Small Boy's friends' 3rd birthday party.

Sunday 5th May

Blouse: Simplicity 3835 (NPB)
Rest of outfit: RTW, including bargain £20 cardigan from Boden Sale last week!
Happy with outfit: 4.5/5. I really like this top, but I don't love it. I think it's the elastic neck. It reminds me of that peasant look that was so big in the early 2000's, and I'm not a huge fan of raglan sleeves. Not sure why. But still, I love the fabric and I love the colours, and the top is very comfy and easy to wear (although it is ever-so-slightly small across the bust). I am also stupidly proud of the pattern matching across the side and back seams, which I will remember to show you some day.

Monday 6th May

Skirt: Red Denim Kelly. Yes, again already.
Rest of outfit: RTW, including free Boden tee!
Accessorised with BIG hair. It was windy.
Happy with outfit? 5/5

Tuesday 7th May

Dress: Bird print Simplicity 2360 (NPB)
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit? 5/5 Another favourite outfit, although the shoes are a recent addition.

Wednesday 8th May

Blouse: Liberty Laurel
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit? 5/5 First time I've worn this and I love it. I wasn't overly sure that the blouse went with the trousers, and maybe it doesn't, but I still like it anyway! :)

Thursday 9th May

Skirt: Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity 2305 (NPB)
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit? 4/5. This used to be a favourite skirt, but I'm going off it a wee bit now. I don't feel bad about this though, because this was the first thing I made after I had Small Boy and it's been worn to work most weeks since then! So it's had a good 2 and a bit years of wear!

Friday 10th May
Blouse: Colette Violet (NPB)
Skirt: Buttonless Megan Nielsen Kelly (finished last night!)
Tights/underwear/shoes: RTW
Happy with outfit? 5/5. The skirt actually has small white polka dots which haven't photographed well. I had this polka dot combo in my head but wasn't sure it would work in practise, but it does!!! I love it! The skirt also has contrast polka dot pocket lining, so polka dots all round! What better way to finish the week? And my first me made outfit of MMM13 so far.

Round up thoughts for the week.

I wear jeans too often, when not at work.
I need to make more knit garments/t-shirts.
I have lots of garments I still need to blog, which were made before I started blogging.
I have run out of photographic locations around my house!


  1. Wow - you're doing so well! And an OUTFIT! Very impressive :) (I'm not there yet...)I love your bird print dress especially, but everything you've made is just so flattering on you. And Friday's outfit is so stylish - I want to buy polka dot fabric immediately.
    PS: Small Boy is too gorgeous for words!

    1. Thanks Danielle! I bet you could do an oufit!
      And thanks re the boy. I agree, but then I am slightly biased! :)

  2. It's been fun seeing everyone's MMM outfits (but it keeps making my sewing wish list longer and longer). The Maria Denmark Kimono Tee was the second pattern I ever sewed. Mine's a bit wonky, but I do like it and want to make more. I love the polka dot outfit! Not sewing related, but you have an awesome clock! I've seen it in a couple of your posts - where did you get it?

    1. Yes, it does the same for me! I like my Kimono tee worn as it is, but every time I try to layer a cardigan over the top, I hate it! Weird! But hopefully I'll get more wear out of this as it warms up.

      RE the clock - it was actually a wedding present from a friend who shares our taste, but my friend got it from here: We love it!

  3. Loving all your outfits, I need to make more blouses and tops, yours are all gorgeous! I too wear jeans too often (read: all the time...), I need to make some trousers!


    1. Jeans are just so easy and comfy and practical, it's hard not to wear them. But I think I need to get a bit more adventurous! Casual trousers and skirts are the way to go, I think, but I'm very scared of making trousers!


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