Sunday, 19 May 2013

Here's one I prepared earlier - polka dot Violet

Me Made May has shown me how few of my finished items I have blogged. Not surprising considering I've been sewing for 4 years, but only blogging for 5 months.

I thought I'd rectify this, by continuing my "Here's one I made earlier" series, and am kicking off, by special request of Jenny, with my Colette Violet blouse. I made this at some point last summer, so don't remember the finer details, but will tell you what I can.

Colette was the first Indy pattern company I stumbled across. I can't really remember how, but that's not important. Once I did, I immediately bought the Violet and the Rooibos patterns. With the Violet, I was drawn to the white version on Colette's website. I love the vintage styling, the collar and the gathered details at the back. I loved the freshness of the white, but didn't plan to make a white one myself as white and I just don't get along. I am far too clumsy. I did, however, like the idea of the dobby spot/swiss dot, and planned to look for this in a colour: I thought a pale aqua would be nice. And then I came across this:

The background is white and the spots are navy and I love it!

I cut a size 4, as per my measurements. This is actually a little large as you can see here.

 The shape is meant to be loose, but I find it a little boxy on me, and the excess fabric bunches up under cardigans and jackets. The side seams tick out slightly weirdly at the bottom as you can see from the photo on the right, due to the shaping. Furthermore, the bust darts are too low and it's a little short. I know now though that Colette bodices are short on me. The width, plus the shortness, make it a difficult blouse to tuck in, without constant re-tucking and fiddling. In general though, this is a blouse that requires constant adjustment to keep it sitting right. Not a major fail, just annoying. Somewhat bizarrely, the fit looks much better in my first photo above - the excess fabric must have moved round to the back - I told you it requires constant fiddling! But it's making me wonder if I should consider taking the sides in a little. Thoughts?

This was my first attempt at both a collar and buttonholes. The collar, again, doesn't sit quite right. If you look closely at the photos above, you can see a fold/rumple on the collar on the left hand side. It's as if the collar is too big for the blouse, and I seem to remember finding this when I attached the collar to the blouse. I made this in sewing class, so wonder if the collar maybe stretched whilst being carried back and forth each week? Again, just slightly annoying. When wearing the blouse with a cardigan, I often pull the blouse out over the top of the cardigan, which alleviates the problem slightly.

I found the buttons in the same shop as the fabric (Cloth Shop), and they are an amazingly perfect match. I believe this gives it quite a professional look, which makes up for the fit issues mentioned above.

Despite the fit issues, I love this blouse. It got a LOT of wear last summer. In fact it was a bit of a staple with my orangey-coral cardigan and my mint green jeans, and it's pulling its weight so far this Me Made May. And, miraculously, I seem to be able to wear it without spilling anything on it!

More collar rumpling going on at the back

What I liked
Good clear instructions. Nice, simple, wearable blouse with lovely details.

What I didn't like
Sizing not quite right, but I'm discovering that's the norm with Colette patterns and I.

Any alterations to fit?
No. This was in the days before I made adjustments, unless the fit was truly dire.

Did I change anything?
No. This is straight out the packet.

Did I try anything new?
Collar and buttonholes. Mixed results with the collar, but I fell in love with my one step buttonhole stitch with this project and went on to make my Kelly and my button back blush blouse shortly afterwards.

What would I do differently next time?
Fit adjustments. 

Will I make it again?

I have been planning to do so, but never quite got round to it. I did buy fabric to make another, but am now thinking I might use that for another Laurel instead. I will make another Violet though. It's a really wearable style.



  1. Cute! So the dots are kinda textured/fuzzy? Because that's adorable.
    Apparently, I'm all about the tiny polka-dots these days. Every time I dream up a new blouse, it has them. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yes Jenny, the dots are textured/fuzzy! Apparently I am too, going by my most recent skirt! :)


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