Thursday, 30 May 2013

MMM13 Week Four

Apologies for the sudden and prolonged silence! I published my last post last Friday and then was planning to post this immediately afterwards, but my laptop decided to take a flaky, which was followed shortly after by me taking a flaky, chucking the laptop at P and flouncing off in a huff!

If you are interested on why the lengthy silence, I then spent the rest of the night packing for... the weekend when P, Small Boy and I took a trip to Kendal to visit one of my best friends and his family... followed by Small Boy and P driving home and me catching a train on Monday to Leeds for a course that I attended with work, until yesterday, before getting home at 10.30 last night! I did have my work laptop with me, but it doesn't have the appropriate shaped hole to take our memory card. The work trip also explains the sudden apparent love for selfies in this (next?) week's roundup which I hope to publish tomorrow... but then I have a friend coming to visit this weekend, so that actually may not happen now til Monday... God, I so need a quiet week!

Saturday 18th May

Colette Laurel blouse
Rest of outfit: RTW
Giant shoes: Converse
Happy with outfit: 3/5 Despite the fact I love this blouse, I felt a bit bleh today. The blouse kept riding up to create a "shelf" above my bust: not the most flattering look. This hasn't happened before, so I can only presume the cardigan was to blame. The outfit looks a bit wintery TBH, but the weather today was awful - it absolutely chucked it down all day. That most likely didn't help my mood.

Sunday 19th May
Colette Violet Blouse
Rest of outfit: RTW
Big hair courtesy of Edinburgh's mist today
Flowers: someone else's garden!
Happy with outfit? 4/5 This is another blouse that doesn't do well under a cardigan. You can see here it looks quite rumpled and the collar is crumpled. I really love this blouse, but feel it needs constant adjusting when wearing it.

Monday 20th May

Blouse: Colette Sorbetto (Not Previously Blogged - NPB)
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit: 4/5. I actually removed this from my sewing/refashioning/adjusting/cutting up/harvesting pile in the cupboard this morning, out of sheer desperation of looking for something different to wear! This is in that pile because I cut a size 6, which is too big and therefore has the same issue as the Violet in that it bunches up under cardigans. Not too much of a problem today though, because it was SUNNY! :) Also this was my first attempt at bias binding, and it was a shocking attempt, so it's now fraying and needs replaced. The pale colour of the blouse is a bit draining when paired with my pale arms, so I think I might replace the self bias with sold colour bias. I suppose I could also take it in a little at the side seams while I'm at it...
New jeans, bought yesterday from Gap, which means I can now refashion my old ones, which have gone through at the knee, into a skirt. Hurrah!
Very tired in this photo, and my eyes were really dry from wearing my lenses, which is why I look a bit druggy!
And I've just realised I've worn 3 Colette patterns in a row!

Tuesday 21st May
Polka dot Kelly skirt
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit: 5/5. This skirt is already proving so versatile. I love it, although it does seem to be difficult to photograph!
First day of legs out this summer! :)

Wednesday 22nd May
Dress: Simplicity 2360
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit? 5/5 I love this dress and am glad it's summer so I can wear it again. The belt however only lasted til lunchtime, as it's like a corset, it's so tight and it gave me a stomachache! And, yes, my legs really are that pale!

Thursday 23rd May
Blouse: Vogue 8683
Rest of outfit: RTW
Happy with outfit: 4/5 I am still not sure this blouse is that flattering, due to the excess fabric at the front. It also crushes like mad. But it got a lot of love on Flickr last week, which is making me think more positively about it. And when I told my team today at work that I'd made it, they seemed impressed (although totally nonplussed when I tried to explain a bias binding maker to them. Isn't it funny how non-sewers don't even consider how their necklines are finished?).
After 2 days of sun, my car thermometer told me this morning that it was 6°C. That's a Scottish spring/summer for you, folks!

Friday 24th May

Blouse: New Look 6351
Skirt: Megan Nielsen Kelly
Happy with outfit? 5/5 I needed to be quite smart for a visit to a supplier in Bristol and this fit the bill. I didn't feel quite so smart when running for my plane later that day, due to terrible traffic, and us not knowing where Cardiff airport was (we flew into Bristol. Don't ask), but as you can see I made the plane and got home, still looking resonably OK.
Just realised this is the first pic of me wearing heels all month!
I've managed a me-made OUTFIT every Friday so far this MMM. I wonder if I can manage one more?


  1. Wow - you've been way too busy! Hope it quiets down for you soon. Looking at your makes I realize that I need more blouses. I did wear a MariaDenmark Day to Night Drape top to work today that I just finished recently, but other than that and my Mathilde none of my tops are nice enough for work. I love your Kelly skirt and just got the pattern. I need to find a warm weather fabric for it. Your weather sounds like ours. This past weekend we were freezing, but today it was 90F (32C).

  2. I love how versatile your Laurel blouse is! And I'm so impressed that you've had actual OUTFITS! (Plural, at that!) I've got to start making things that go with other things...
    Hope you get your quiet week soon; it sounds like you've been just about run off your feet! But at least you've looked very stylish while being so... :)


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