Friday, 21 February 2014

Sew Grateful Week 2014

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for the lovely, supportive comments on my last post. Goodness, you lot know how to flatter a pregnant lady, and make her feel good about herself! Just what the doctor ordered! :)

Secondly, although I am feeling particularly giant, and some colleagues seem to delight in regularly exclaiming "you weren't this big last time around!", and NO ONE has called me "neat" thus far (it was word of the year last time), I saw the midwife today and am measuring spot on for 28 weeks and 5 days! Last time I also consistently measured correctly. So I am officially no bigger. It just seems like it...

Thirdly, I wanted to make a confession: I've been a bit daft. Shall we agree to just call it baby brain? It seems my sewing machine does actually have a stretch stitch... I just never realised it was called that! For some reason, I thought a stretch stitch was some magical stitch. But no. Turns out it's that lightening shaped zigzag one. Duh! Actually, it seems I also have a triple stretch stitch. I was a bit perplexed but a bit of digging online came up with this rather excellent explanation, and some really good pointers. But then since you've all made Lady Skaters you probably know this already! :)

And so to the main point of this post. I am joining in with Debi at My Happy Sewing Place's Sew Grateful week next week. After meeting the lady, herself recently, I couldn't not. Could I?

This was one of the first blogland events I took part in last year, as a baby blogger and it was great fun! Even as a very new blogger, I still felt I had things to share. This year I won't be taking part every day, due to other commitments and pregnancy shattered-ness. Most some nights I just need a really early night! But I will join in as often as I am able, and look forward to seeing what everyone writes/contributes. The format this year is as follows:

Monday the 24th February: Giveaway Day.  Host a giveaway on your blog or other social media platform to give something back to the sewing community.
Tuesday the 25th February: Reflections Day. This is the day to reflect on the role sewing has played in our lives, reflecting on those who have been supportive in our journey and reflecting on what the online community means to us!  What are you sew grateful for? 
Wednesday the 26th February: Sharing Resources Day. Share a free pattern, share some vintage sewing resources, share a tutorial or share some great sewing resource links!
Thursday the 27th February: Sew Grateful Sewing Project Day.  Showcase your latest sewing project. Whether it's a project using up that pattern that was a present from someone or that you won in a giveaway or using a tutorial someone has prepared, or even a project inspired by someone in the sewing community... the possibilities are nearly endless!
Friday the 28th to Sunday the 2nd: I'll post a series of round-up posts of some of the Sew Grateful Highlights from the week.

*Spoiler alert* I will be taking part in Monday's link party...

Are you taking part?


  1. SNAP! Me too! I have just been writing my Tuesday Reflective post, and can't think of anything to giveaway for Monday!!
    Glad your pregnancy is going along like the textbooks say Helen! x

    1. That is what I should be doing - writing my posts in advance. Wonder if I can sneak some in over the weekend?

      Thanks Nessa!

  2. I've been looking forward to it! It was my first ever blogland event last year too - in fact I'm pretty sure that's how I "met" you!

    1. I think you might be right Danielle. That means it's our first anniversary! :)

  3. Glad everything is going well. I now refrain from commenting on anyone's pregnancy size as people kept saying how small I was so I got really worried something was wrong, nothing was of course! We'd never comment on people's size otherwise so what is it about pregnancy that makes it a free for all?! I get that it's mostly excitement but I don't think a lot of people think how they can make you worry with their comments.
    Sew grateful is such a great idea! I'm not sure I can commit to taking part but maybe I'll follow your example and only do it the days I can.

    1. I think small is definitely more worrying. Large is just not very flattering! I don't let it worry me, but it is odd that everyone has to voice their opinion! Or touch your bump, but that's a whole other debate...

      Hope you manage to join in, even just once or twice! x

  4. I never got called 'neat' the second time round either! I am doing Sew Grateful Week as well, now to think about what to write!

  5. Thanks for sharing that link about sewing knits, really helpful!
    Looking forward to seeing your Sew Grateful posts. I don't think I'll be able to do the whole week but hoping to set up some posts today.

  6. Hadn't heard of Sew Grateful before, thank you for the heads up I shall definitely be checking it out.

  7. I'm participating in Sew Grateful week as well. Some sewing machines (older ones) actually don't have the lightening bolt (stretch) stitch but they will very likely have the triple stretch and, as you mentioned, you can also use a small zig zag. My new machine has the lightening bolt stitch and I prefer it as it uses less thread than the triple stretch and is faster and, if you put it on a very small width, it is much less intrusive and easier to iron flat than a zig zag stitch.


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