Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sew Grateful - Sharing Resources Day

I don't have any tutorials or patterns of my own to give you today, so thought I would go with sharing some tutorials that I have found online. All of these have a theme, which I appreciate is quite niche, but hopefully some people might find inspirational and useful. I certainly have, in my current state. The theme is maternity! 

Kestrel Makes - maternity denim skirt (presume you could apply the same logic to jeans or trousers)

Megan Nielsen - 2 seam dress is a blog run by Megan Nielsen, which is quite seperate to her Megan Nielsen Design Diary. As you would expect from the title, it focuses on a maternity wardrobe and is mostly refashions. It's a great resource, although new posts are sporadic. She has guest bloggers on there a lot - a must, I suppose, unless she intends on being permanently pregnant! I have not made anything from this site yet, but a few that stand out for me are:

Megan Nielsen - gathered skirt
Of all the above, the only one I have tried is the 2 seam dress, which I can fully recommend, but if I have time, I do plan to try some of the others. I hope someone finds these useful! 

Tomorrow is Sew Grateful Sewing Project Day. Somewhat paradoxically, I haven't had any time to sew this week because I've either been writing about sewing, or watching sewing on TV. I will try to get some done tonight, but it's unlikely I will manage a finished garment, fully photographed and written about, so I will probably be missing out on tomorrow's link party. However, I hope to have a finished garment to blog about at the weekend at the latest. Something to look forward to!


  1. Wish I'd been sewing when I was pregnant, There was naff all in the shops, I ended up wearing HUGE baggy shirts and essentially clowns trousers! Looking forward to seeing your finished item. I've enjoyed reading your posts this week.

    1. Thanks Louise! I've enjoyed writing them! I know what you mean re maternity RTW. It can be less than inspirational! I wish I'd been sewing first time around when I had more energy and knew I'd get more wear out of them!

  2. These links almost make me want another child just to do some maternity sewing :) Maybe not though!

    1. Bit extreme maybe, but I know what you mean!

  3. Lovely links; I enjoyed them on two levels actually - aesthetics and the knowledge I'll never personally need them again! ;)


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