Saturday, 4 June 2016

2016 Sewing Budget: May

Gosh, May is over already and what a month! Me Made May was great fun, and I will write up my thoughts on that in a separate post. It's also been super busy both socially and at work, so there hasn't been a lot of time for sewing, and what sewing there was, was mostly for the boys!

Anyway, I am off work next week so hoping to get caught up with both sewing and blogging. I have finished a dress that I plan to wear to a wedding reception tonight, but no photos yet because I am working today (writing this in my lunch break). I'll try to get a photo on IG tonight at some point.

Despite not having much time to sew, I still seem to have managed to buy quite a lot of sewing related stuff! So much for managing to spend nothing last month. That's been blown out of the water this time around!

Meant to say "May Total", obvs.

£132.93! Let me explain.

The silk organza is to make a rub off from RTW jeans, using a Craftsy course, plus a little extra to make a pressing cloth, which I have needed for some time.
The Aphrodite pattern is the dress I have made for tonight's wedding, using the lace from Stone Fabrics and the poly crepe from ebay. Well, one of the crepes. I didn't have time to order swatches, so I ordered 2 x 2m lengths in a bid to get the correct colour to go with the lace. The other length of poly crepe will go to make another dress, tbc.
I bought some of this Atelier Brunette viscose previously from elsewhere but they didn't have enough in stock. When I found the same at Backstitch, I didn't hesitate to order more. The plan for this is the Biscayne pattern, also bought this month, while on offer.
The denim tencel was an impulse when I ordered lace swatches (FOC), and it was too lovely to pass up on. It will either become an Archer shirt or a shirt dress. Actually I can think of a million other things I could make with this fabric and I kind of wish I'd bought more.
Lastly, Hobbycraft had 50% off Gutterman thread when I popped in for thread for my Aphrodite, and I took the opportunity to stock up on black and white thread too.

It's not great, but at least some of has already been used. Next week I intend to have a good sort through of my fabrics and to start putting some plans together, as well as hopefully finishing a garment that's been a WIP for weeks. On the whole, this not buying fabric thing is not going well, and although I've had a few good months. I am still buying quicker than I can sew, which isn't great. I *will* do better in June.



  1. Ha ha! Live your honesty. My husband reads my blog not sure I want him to know how much I spend a month! Though I was good in may I only bought a pattern. But I did splurge in April so it all evens out I reckon.

  2. Ha ha! It's crazy how quickly it adds up!

  3. That is so great that you are so accountable and honest!! I am definitely bad for this... I certainly buy more than I can sew, both fabric and pattern-wise. I need to follow your lead and be more accountable!

    1. Well, I try. I could do a lot better, but at least when I write it down, it doesn't just disappear into a black hole!!!

  4. I now follow your example and keep a note of everything I spend on fabric, and clothes and shoes. I don't publish it but keep it as a draft blog post and I'm finding it very helpful to see what I spend money on, and consider whether I need to or not.


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