Saturday, 28 May 2016

Me Made May - Week 4

Into the home straight now. Isn't May a quick month?!

I started the day thinking I'd probably get rid of this. It's too tight at the arms and I don't often wear it, but by the end of the day I'd kind of fallen back in love (blood circulation issues notwithstanding). I do feel like I've moved away from florals, particularly smaller prints recently, but instead of feeling off, this felt like a refreshing change. A blouse shaped palette cleanser, if you like. I doubt it''ll get worn weekly but it's nice for those days when you are just fed up of everything else in your wardrobe! Keeper.

Day 22 - Violet blouse
I don't like this anymore. Funnily enough there were a few people wearing Violets today on IG and they all looked great, but I have gone off mine.The fit is off and I just feel like the collar looks ridiculous on me. I still love the fabric and buttons (which match perfectly) so I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to refashion it. Dispose/refashion. 
Also, if anyone wants the pattern, cut in a size 4 (it was in the days before I knew about tracing), please let me know. I will happily donate it to a good home. I don't see me making this again.

Bonus pic - Baby boy, deeply engrossed in Tom and Jerry, in his elephant tee (another Rowan Tee). 

Headless photo because I was unwell and had no make up on/hair wasn't brushed and I am vain! :)
This wasn't in my original round up because I'd forgotten about it. I like this, but I don't often wear it. It's a little wide on the neck, and something about the fit isn't quite right. But I still love the button and pocket detail at the back, so I'll just aim to wear this more often. Keeper. 

Love. Love. Love. Love. And it looks totally excellent with bare legs and clogs (you'll have to take my word for that). Keeper.
Love this top. I wear it a lot. The colour is great, and I love the ruffle detail at the back. I'd like to make a similar one in double gauze. Keeper.

Day 26 - part 1 - Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt
This skirt is OK. Just OK. It's a bit meh, but it's comfy and is a decent basic for work. I probably need more solid tops to go with it. Keeper, purely because it's useful.

We went to see Brian Wilson tour Pet Sounds album at the Usher Hall. AMAZING!!!! God Only Knows was our first dance at our wedding, so it was really lovely to see it being performed live. 
I always get loads of compliments on this, but I never truly love it. I like all the elements - the lace, the colour (I LOVE the colour), the shape - but somehow I don't love the sum of the parts. I'm keeping it though because of the colour and it does get a fair bit of wear. It's a useful bridge between too dressy and too casual, too! Keeper.

Day 27 - Grainline Lark Tee (unblogged)
See previous comment in week 1 for my thoughts. 
I also tried on my Ultimate Trousers this morning. No pictorial evidence, but they are too big and thus unwearable. I am keeping them as a muslin, for future makes and then will donate them to charity. Dispose.

I'm still going strong with Me Made May. I haven't found it too difficult, although there are a few RTW items that I'm starting to miss. I only have a few items left to wear, too.

What about you? Fed up yet? Or still powering on through?

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  1. Well done, this experiment is really working for you. You seem to have a strong idea of what you like and want from your wardrobe.


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