Friday, 6 May 2016

Me Made May 16 - Week 1

Not quite a full week, but I always do these round ups on a Friday. So, how many items have we scored off so far (also note, I managed to do the graphic I had imagined, thanks to picmonkey).

The week went something like this:

Day 1Katy & Laney Geometry Top
Love this top. It didn’t get much wear over the winter, being fairly lightweight, but for spring and summer it’s perfect. I really need to make more of this pattern if I can find similar weight co-ordinating fabrics, perhaps sleeveless next time, as the sleeves are the only part I’m not sold on (that may well be my sleeve setting issues though!). Keeper.

I also sneaked in a bonus pic today - the boys in their pyjamas :)

Day 2Megan Nielsen Kelly and Vintage Simplicity 6304 (1960’s pattern)
Love love love this skirt. It gets worn summer or winter, rain or shine. It goes with bare legs and sandals, or tights and ankle boots. I have struggled in the past with what tops to wear with it – from a shape point of view rather than a colour/print issue. Depending on the top, I don’t always love them tucked in. And I really hate tucked in blouses with a cardigan over the top – it all feels so fussy and clumsy. This blouse pairs perfectly though, and I think making an Astoria, or similar cropped sweatshirt would work well for next winter.
When I first made this blouse, it didn’t get a lot of wear as it was really too short to wear comfortably with jeans or trousers. Then last summer I thought to pair it with this skirt and a match made in heaven was born! Again, this blouse doesn’t get much wear in the depths of winter, but our office is really warm, so it’s perfect to wear to work right now, and through the summer. Plus it’s Liberty tana lawn, with secret kissing people! Keeper.

Today there was a bonus video. Small Boy snuggled up in my Nani Iro quilt. He loves this, and wears it softer side (the colourful side) down for extra snuggliness, while watching TV most days.

Day 3 – Simplicity 2360 (never blogged)
This dress isn’t one I want to wear on a weekly basis, but it has been worn fairly regularly since I made it pre blog (so, over 3 years ago). I prefer it in winter with tights, as I hemmed it a little too short to be comfortable with bare legs. I love the print, despite the colours being not very “me”. My favourite way to wear it is with coloured tights and gold sandals (for drinks/dinner, not for work), as it kind of feels 70’s glam cool like that! But, it gets worn more often like this. Keeper.

This is the blouse which gave me the idea for this particular challenge. It very rarely gets worn, and I'm not sure why. The fit is a wee bit off, and the pearl button/thread chain that fastens at the back comes loose from time to time, but otherwise it's a good top, particularly for work. This is a keeper and I am resolving to wear it more often.
Coming out of winter it's had little wear, but layered over a cami and worn with a cardigan (not pictured obviously), it works. Plus the colour is so cheerful. I would probably wear it more if I had some trousers to wear with it to work. Keeper.

Day 6 - Grainline Ampersand Linden, layered over an unblogged black Lark tee. 
You already know how much i love this particular sweatshirt. Keeper.
The tee is a wearable muslin that I made at the end of Jan, I think. I had intended to perfect the fit and make a lot more, but for some reason, haven't. To be my ideal tee it needs a bit of work but it's totally wearable as is, if a bit dull. Keeper, but I need to work on fit and make more.

The bonus photo today is of Baby Boy. It is his 2nd birthday and to celebrate, I made him a last minute birthday tee. I will blog this when I get a chance. The pattern is the Titchy Threads Rowan tee. A me made wearing a me made! Extra MMM points for that? 

And that's my first week. No major challenges. I've tried to mix it up a bit so I haven't worn all my faves in the first week. So far I have established what I already knew - I need more solid work trousers and skirts, whether they are bought or made. I should probably work on rectifying that through this month. I probably won't though!!

How are you getting on?



  1. I love all your choices. Great fabrics and shapes. I another getting o ok. Biggest challenge is to reclaim my laptop from kids to blog about it !

    1. I'm enjoying following along with you. I don't think it's necessary to blog it, TBH, I just wanted to given the nature of my challenge.

  2. I'm not taking part this year as I'm knee deep in exams, but I'm loving reading how everyone else is getting on. It's especially nice when someone has found a really useful approach to the month (like you!). I adore the geometric top, it must have been made before I started reading your blog I think. It would also look fab with skinny jeans or shorts. Looking forward to the rest of the month!

    1. Glad you are enjoying following along. I remember doing the same 2 years ago. I made the Geometry top last summer, and yes, from memory I liked wearing it with shorts (not that I get much opportunity to wear those!). x

  3. Haha definitely bonus points for a me-made wearing a me-made! It's really good you're analysing your clothes like this, and you're so on the ball with blogging it too!

    1. I'm actually really enjoying recording my thoughts, but it's still just week one. Watch me slow down by the end of the month!

  4. You clearly have all this me-made-may stuff under control! I especially love your red skirt, even though it's a shape I haven't managed to make work for myself.

    1. Thanks, Nilla. The red skirt is a good basic, and I made it in a stretch denim, so the waistband is very comfy! I hate it when you like something but it doesn't work on you. So frustrating!


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