Friday, 20 May 2016

Me Made May 16 - Week 3

How is it possible that it's Friday again already? Such a busy week!

Off we go:

Day 14 – Eucalypt tank
My first repeat of the month! You already know that I love this tank, so no further comments necessary.

I was really hungover today. Unfairly hungover for the amount of drunk I was the night before! But that’s prosecco and sauvignon blanc, mixed with a busy day and lots of sunshine, for you! Anyway, this was perfect for today; a day of lounging and dozing. I love this sweatshirt and it gets a lot of wear, despite the fact that the fabric has is now pretty pilled. Keeper

Love this dress. It’s been worn pretty much weekly since I made it. So comfy and it looks great. I got lots of compliments (both on IG and IRL) today. Keeper.
Love this dress too, although I’m wondering if it has shrunk in length. It seemed particularly short today. Anyway, this also gets tonnes of wear. Keeper.

This is a bit wintery TBH, although it’s very comfy. It’s a bit big on the waist now (another item made during Mat leave), so I ended up fiddling with it a lot during the day. I’m certainly not unpicking a black zigzag stitch, so I’ll have to see if I can take it in some other way. It will also work in summer without tights and with a more summery top (which I will have to make/wear…). Keeper.

Day 19 - Gathered skirt in giant chrysanthemum print cotton (unblogged - and I can't find the pattern, but it was a Big 4 one)
This is the first skirt I made when I went to a sewing nightclass nearly 7(!) years ago. Therefore it was made pre-kids (only just pre-pregnancy), and it still fits! I haven't worn it for ages, probably literally years. It's not really my style any more but actually I really enjoyed wearing it today. I did feel like I'd dressed my top half for summer and my winter half for winter, though. I think I will keep this a while longer, even if it doesn't get tonnes of wear. Keeper.
Note - this Primark tee is nearly my perfect tee shape (pity it's so badly made, in such awful quality fabric). I should probably do some sort of rub-off before it completely disintegrates!

This tee annoys me. I have been putting off wearing it, although when I first put it on this morning, I couldn't remember why it annoys me. It seemed OK. The neck is very high, but it's wearable. And then I put my ampersand Linden over the top and I remembered why. You can't wear it with anything else. I don't know if it's the fit or the fabric but it just doesn't sit well under a sweatshirt or jumper. It gets all bulky and the neckline sits weirdly, like there is too much fabric there, or something, Which is why I haven't worn it all winter. I will persevere with it for summer and then decide. I love the colour, but if it's a top I don't feel comfortable with I'll bin it, or cut it up to make something for one off the boys. 

9 items and 10 days still to go. Still feeling doable!



  1. I made more or less the same Mabel skirt as you (with the same fabric - what can I say, you were an inspiration). I found that the waist swivels a bit, so I unpicked a small bit of the waistband seam and fed a big thick bit of elastic through it, and it's much better.

    1. What a great idea! I was thinking of just taking the sides in (waistband and all, which would have resulted in messy insides). This is a much better idea! Thanks! And thanks also for the compliment! 😊

  2. So many lovely clothes! And you're doing so well at documenting it all! What about that yellow T-shirt with the Mabel skirt?

  3. Wow, such an organised way of doing Me Made May. I would find it really difficult to consign my me-mades to the charity shop - and I have a few that definitely need to go!


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