Monday, 2 May 2016

Me Made May 16 - The Process

Since my pledge for Me Made May 16 is to wear all of my handmade items in my possession, I thought it best to document them, so we can then count them off as I go. This also keeps me accountable. No pretending half way through the month that a particular item has been donated to charity! :)
So, here we go. I have split them into 3.5 categories. That will start to make sense as you read. 

1. Seasonally Inappropriate
It's true that we can often get 4 seasons in one day in Scotland, but unless the temperatures get above 20°C, I won't be wearing these items. But I'm recording them because you never know!

2. Occasionally Inappropriate
As in inappropriate to the occcasion. Not that they are fine most of the time, and then are sometimes rude. I have no plans for any nights out, fancy or otherwise, and I sure ain't wearing a low back, midrifff cut out, cross front jumpsuit to work, so unless I get a last minute invite somewhere, I will also not be wearing any of the following:

3. Wear!
Pretty self-explanatory this one. I will wear all of these at least once during the month. Some have never been blogged, hence the hasty, bad-lighting, hung on the wardrobe photos. Actually most are worn pretty regularly, so it should all be fine.

3.5 Wear but debatable
I actually have 33 items in the wear category, but 33 doesn't make for a nice symmetrical collage, so I pulled these 3 out, to keep the photos nicely balanced :) and also, because they are least likely to be worn. I will try, however:
  • I have a strong suspicion the Moss will no longer fit - like, won't stay up anymore.
  • The 1974 dress is ripped and unwearable (down the front bodice seam). I will attempt to fix it, but I'm not sure it's salvageable.
  • The Ultimate Trousers also don't fit that well, and again, I'm not sure they stay up. Downside to Maternity leave sewing! :(
I have an idea that I will somehow score these off as I go. In reality though I'm not sure I have the skills. Let's find out together! Also, you'll have noticed 33 items, but only 31 days. Should make for a couple of interesting outfits!!!

OK, let's go!


  1. Adventures in MeMade land! :) I am not doing it as I can barely cope with life most days anyway right now, and I do pretty much only own meMade clothes so it wouldn't be a stretch to just wear at least one thing. SO I am doubly keen to see what those who do it, do :)

    1. I think it's fun to follow along, even if you don't join in. Enjoy!

  2. You have an awesome handmade wardrobe! I love that last dress, hope it's salvageable...

  3. This is a great idea. I've got quite a lot of unblogged clothes too and this would be a good record of them all. I hope you get to wear your seasonally inappropriate clothes, the ones for hot weather that is!


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