Friday, 13 May 2016

Me Made May 16 - Week 2

OK, so let's crack on with this week's round up.

Day 7 - Grainline Scout Tee in Atelier Brunette cotton cambric
This gets worn all the time, since I realised it goes with this cardigan, which is actually Country Casuals and used to be my Mum's! I have made quite a few Scouts but there is something that slightly bugs me about this version, that I can't quite pinpoint. The sleeves kind of stick out, and the shoulders don't quite sit right. That said, I still love this Scout for summer or winter. Keeper.

Day 8 - Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank in Cotton + Steel rayon challis
This is a happy top. I mean how can you not be happy wearing such a beautiful, bright, saturated blue?! My only Eucalypt so far, but I love this. A bit more of a summery item, but it will get worn lots this summer, and I really need to make sure I make more! Keeper.

Bonus pic for today: my Grainline Moss mini. This was always in the "debatable" category and you can see why here. I honestly was planning to wear this today, but it barely stays up. I have chucked it in the cupboard for the time being. I'm ostensibly keeping it as a muslin for a future make, but honestly, I think I need to size down before I even start doing anything else, so this will probably go to the charity shop instead. Sad face. Not a keeper. Leaver?

Day 9 - Grainline Scout Tee with pleat front, in viscose
Thank goodness that some of the items I made while on Maternity leave still fit! This was made with easy access for breastfeeding in mind, but it continues to be an item that is worn a lot. Keeper.

Day 10 - Grainline Scout dress in self block printed chambray
I honestly didn't mean to wear all the Scouts in one week, but I guess it's a good advert for how versatile this pattern is! Love this dress. It's very swingy, and, as I learnt today, has potential for a Marilyn-style wardrobe malfunction on a windy day. But still! Super comfy, cool (in both senses) and I PRINTED THE FABRIC MYSELF! Keeper!

Day 11 - Floral Charlotte skirt with blue maternity tee (Megan Nielsen/Kimono tee mash up)
Um, yes. I am wearing a maternity tee here. As it was originally, unadulterated maternity tee. The extra fabric is just all tucked in. I really need to make something else to go with this skirt. And probably alter this tee.
The skirt? I only wear this in the summer, but I wear it all summer long, and apparently I haven't gone off it, so it's likely to live another year in my wardrobe. It does need taken in at the waist though. Must do that. Keeper.

Day 12 - Simplicity 2360 (unblogged) in bird print cotton
I actually was planning to get rid of this dress. I have worn it almost to death since I made it pre-blog, summer and winter, and to be honest I am just a bit fed up of looking at it. Plus the fabric has faded a lot, particularly at the hem (no idea why there particularly). But having worn it today, I think I'll keep it for the summer at least. It's a great shape, it's comfy to wear, and it's a great dress for a summer's day. Keeper. For now.

Day 13 - Little Tailoress Emmeline Tee in Liberty Tana Crepe
Still love this. Love the print. Love the shape. Keeper.

Bonus pic - Titchy Threads Rowan Tee and self drafted hat (not yet blogged).
Small Boy had Book Week at school this week. No idea if this was a national thing, or if it was just his school. Anyway, today he was to dress up as a character from a favourite book. We picked Sam-I-Am as a relatively easy costume to make, although it did take me all week! Totally worth it though. I had to prise the hat off his head at bedtime.

So, where does that leave us?

A further 8 items worn, with a further 14 still to wear. I have also tried on and discarded one item from my "debatable" category, with only 2 still to try. Plus the maternity tee which I wasn't included in the initial count purely because I forgot about it! Not bad going. Also, I'm surprised to see such a lot of blue. I genuinely wouldn't have thought it was a colour I particularly gravitated towards, but apparently I do.

Just shy of the halfway point. Are you fed up yet, or are you still going strong?



  1. I still love the Scout Dress - day 10. And Day 12 is rather similar - and lovely. Don't throw it away!
    I like how you've presented the first half of MMM - keep going!

  2. I love your bird print cotton dress its beautiful and really suits you!

  3. Keep going your doing really well. Although this moss skirt maybe leaving you the shape suits you so perhaps another smaller one in the future?


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