Saturday, 30 July 2016

Completed: Dog Shorts (Woof!)

I made Small Boy another pair of shorts. This was the fabric he first picked from my stash. It's by Cloud 9 and is from the Small World collection, designed by Rae Hoekstra and it's a really fine organic cotton cord. I love it. I bought it from John Lewis at the same time as I bought the fabric for this cushion. Is it ridiculously childish to admit that I was thrilled when Rae herself commented "LOVE" when I posted the below photo on IG this week?

I have learned recently that my memory plays tricks on me - or perhaps the staff at the cutting table do - and I have a number of lengths of fabric that are not nearly as long as I thought they were. This is one of them. I could have sworn I had 1.5m of this but it turned out I only had 0.8m. Odd length, so either I bought a metre and it shrunk significantly during pre wash, or maybe this was all they had left. The latter rings a bit of a bell.

The original plan was to make trousers for Baby Boy with this, but I never got round to it. Somehow I couldn't imagine them as shorts and I didn't know what else to make. I thought the print would be a bit too babyish for Small Boy, but he decided otherwise and actually his vision was spot on. The fabric is fabulous as shorts.
There's a pattern matched back pocket in there somewhere, I swear. 

The pattern is the Sunny Day shorts again, pretty much made as last time. This time I used one pattern piece for the pocket facing, and I did no top stitching, other than at the pocket opening. I also only did one back pocket and the drafted one piece waistband. This all made for a much faster make. The front pocket lining is recycled from one of my husband's shirts. A nice touch having Daddy's shirt in there, and he was proudly showing that off to his Granny today.

I pattern matched the pockets front and back, but that was all. There wasn't enough fabric to do any more. The waistband is pieced for the same reason, but it all looks fine. You need to take my word for the pattern matching, as I have no flat photos. These shorts are either on him or in the washing machine.

I'm really happy with these. The colours are so vibrant and although I worried that they might not go with many of his t-shirts, he has proudly been rocking them with an orange Star Wars t-shirt. Colour clashing and print mixing FTW. I guess you might need to be 6 to pull off all the colours.

No posey shots this time. These photos were taken on my iphone at Hoggenfield Loch in Glasgow, which is near where my Mother in Law lives. My sister in law is over from New York at the moment so it was nice to see the cousins catch up and play so nicely with each other.



  1. It's like it was meant! Just the right amount of fabric and it is very adorable. I loved it when they were that age where cool meant things we make them.

  2. Love these! Now wondering if I could pull off doggy shorts and a clashing t-shirt.....

  3. Love these! Now wondering if I could pull off doggy shorts and a clashing t-shirt.....

  4. Theses are fab, the fabric looks perfect as shorts!

  5. These look brilliant Helen! Great photos too! Toddlers are pretty good at pulling off print and colour combinations aren't they?! I also have some of this fabric but for some reason only bought 0.5 metres so I'm making a drawstring bag at the moment as a birthday gift.


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