Sunday, 6 November 2016

Periodic Table Wall Hanging

In lieu of another sewn thing to show you, I thought I'd share this. I actually don't know what to call it. Picture? Print? Wall hanging? Artwork?

This is actually wrapping paper. I bought it from an independent homewares and gift shop in Edinburgh, called Homer. It cost me £2.50. Pretty expensive for wrapping paper, but I bought it with the idea to put it on the wall, as I loved the retro and nerdy look of the periodic table. It's actually been in the cupboard since about January, because I couldn't figure how out to display it. A frame was going to cost a fortune due to the size. I don't mind paying for a decent frame, but for a £2.50 piece of giftwrap?!

Finally the answer came when in Anthropologie one day. They had these display prints (below), which had a very similar feel to my periodic table. They weren't for sale, but the sales assistant let me take one down to have a look at how they were put together, and to take a couple of pictures.

If I were a proper blogger, I would have taken pictures as I went along, and written a proper tutorial, but I haven't. Instead I can give a very brief description of what I did, which is all you need really. It took me about 15 mins to put together.
What you need:
Your print/giftwrap/poster
Round dowelling - mine was about 6mm diameter. It cost a couple of quid from Homebase.
Small hacksaw, or something to cut the dowelling with.
Fine sandpaper
All purpose glue

1. Measure the length of the top edge of the print. Decide how much of an overhang you want on either side - I did 3.5cm. Take the measurement of the edge of the print and add your 2 x your overhang measurement.
e.g. print = 70cm + (3.5cm x 2) = 77cm.
2. Using your hacksaw, cut 2 lengths of the dowelling to the above measurement. So, I cut 2 lengths, each 77cm. Gently smooth any rough edges with the sandpaper.
3. Measure in 3.5cm (or your own overhang measurement) from each end of each piece of dowelling and mark with a pencil. This is so that you can easily centre your print on the dowelling.
4. Take the all purpose glue and run a very thin line along the top edge of the print. I did it on the back of the print, but you could do it on the front if you wanted the wood to show.
5. Using your pencil marks as a guide, quickly stick the dowelling onto the glue line. Apply pressure to the dowelling along its length to ensure it's properly stuck all the way along.
6. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes, then repeat steps 4 and 5 for the bottom of the print.
7. Leave for about 10 mins to ensure it's properly dry, then attach string to the top for hanging.
8. Bang in a nail, hang your artwork and admire!!! :)



  1. Clever! I can imagine a teatowel being displayed like this too, maybe with a pocket sewn on the back instead of glue but you've got me all inspired. And the rolled up print of the Mappa Mundi we bought years ago. Thank you Helen x

    1. Yes, a tea towel would be a great idea. Sometimes they are too pretty to dry dishes with! Hope you manage to do something with the map. bTW I gave the paper a very light press with a very cool iron (steam turned off) just to stop it curling.

  2. I love this! Frames are so expensive this is a brilliant idea fir displaying prints x

  3. The colours are great - inspiration for a patchwork maybe? And you are definitely a proper blogger!

  4. This is a great idea & it looks so good!


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