Monday, 8 August 2016

Completed: Summer PJs

I had a sneaky sewing day today. I was off, as I worked on Saturday, but it wasn't my rota'd weekend working, so I had already arranged and paid for childcare. So off they went (I didn't tell them I was off - I am such a bad Mummy!), and I had a lovely 6 hours of sewing all to myself. I spent the time finishing off some WIPs. This project was the first.

Pyjamas were on the list of things I was never going to make. Nothing against them, but I always just thought that when time, funds and resources were already limited, my priority was always going to be making actual clothes that people see. I did briefly consider the Carolyn PJ pattern in double gauze until I worked out how much money that was going to cost me!!! And then, somewhere along the way my brain suggested that PJs/sleepwear might be a good way to use up those fabrics in my stash that I like, but don’t see myself wearing. This fabric fell under that category. It's a cotton voile, called Moody Blues by Cloud 9, and I bought it from M is for Make a while ago.
But I thought I had more than I actually did. I thought I had 1.5m, which, I thought I could probably squeeze a tank and simple shorts from. However. Firstly, I actually had bought 1.25m which shrunk slightly during prewashing. Secondly it’s narrow at 110cm. Thirdly, it’s a directional print. I was resolved to just making the shorts and they buying/making a jersey tank to wear with it, but then I managed to find a bit more fabric online – at a considerably cheaper price than I initially paid, I may add – and bought another half metre. I got the tank and the shorts front from one length and the shorts back from the other length, with plenty leftover for bias binding.

The top is the Eucalypt tank from Megan Nielsen, a top that I had already made one and a half times at this point (I finished my second right after these PJs). It was much easier to make in cotton, I have to say. I made that first, and then wondered why I hadn’t just made this as a top and been done with it. It’s absolutely fine and wearable as a top on its own, and I might even do that, although I’m already imaging the scenario while out in public; “Mummy? Why are you wearing your pyjamas?” *extra loud voice*!!!

As I had some slight fitting issues in my first iteration, I cut this with 0.5cm added to centre front, and then sewed the recommended 5/8" SA. This seems to have done the trick.

The shorts are by Melly Sews and are a free, one size pattern.They are designed to be made in a knit, but have quite a bit of ease, so work OK in a woven. I had to buy the pompom trim (twice! Because Hobbycraft cut me the wrong length initially), but I like the detail it adds. The pattern was fine. I added a waistband, as these are designed to sit pretty low - on your hip bones. I wanted them just below my natural waist so made up the difference with the waistband. I actually used the pattern piece from the Sunny Day shorts as it's the right length for the elastic I had to hand. Obviously I widened it, though. I also added a couple of lines of stitching, just to hold the elastic in place. Although I like the look of it, I'm not sure I will rush to sew pompom trim again. I used my zipper foot to try to get as close as possible to the trim, but there were a few kamakaze poms that jumped under the needle. I ended up topstitching those at the front several times to get them to sit properly. Those around the legs still flip out, but I have given up caring. It's just pyjamas...

My legs look like dead sausages in the above photo, but I have included it so you can see the length better. You are welcome. And in case you are wondering, I am wearing underwear in these photos.

I dreamed these up during the hot spell a couple of weeks ago, but I have only just got them finished. Since the hot spell lasted about 2 days, I don’t really have a great need for such summery PJs, however I’m sure I’ll still wear them. I can't vouch for comfort as I haven't yet slept in them, but I think they will be grand. Needless to say, the hubby likes them! ;)


  1. These are really fun! Liking the idea of kamikaze pompoms.....

  2. These are really fun! Liking the idea of kamikaze pompoms.....

  3. They are really cute and I think that is brilliant for those fabrics, of which I an alarming many.

  4. These are gorgeous, great idea for using up not sure about fabric!

  5. These look great, and well done for getting round to making them! I've got a piece of voile I bought years ago in Ray stitch that is lovely but I just don't see myself wearing & I keep meaning to make it into pj shorts (using the purl soho city gym shorts) but it always end up at the bottom of the list. I like the added pompon trim!

  6. These pjs are so pretty! What a great idea to use the fabric you already have. I may have to borrow it :) I love the detailing on the shorts. Super cute!

  7. Your pj entry pic caught my eye as I was looking at your recent post (pants) and I - thought that looks familiar! I just finished the Eucalypt top which I've had around for quite a while (it's in Megan's old print envelope) because I'm doing the exact thing - making summer pj's in light cottons - but I fiddled like mad with this pattern (adding french dart and arm dart, fsa and all in one facing) and by the time I was done I was so in love with this pattern I made it up in a drapey viscose and now I'm making myself one in a silk and may make another in linen! I don't think I've ever had a pattern finale that fit me so well. I'm in love :)


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