Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Back to basics... kind of

In my last post, I mentioned we'd been away for a couple of days. I know this is yet another non-sewing post, but thought you might like to know what else I get up to?

I'd read on Conversation Pieces, one of the few non-sewing related blogs I follow, about a break she'd been on, in an architect designed bothy, on a farm, near Dumfries. We had this past week already booked off work, with the intention of doing some DIY, and after having a look on the website, made a snap decision to book it for 2 nights! I am a sucker for a beautifully designed building, but I was almost as sold on the no wifi, no mobile, no TV aspect as much as the beautiful bothy and the gorgeous scenery. Actually I had a mobile signal and P had 3G too, but we unconsciously agreed to still forgo our phones for a day or 2.

The Bothy
The interior
What a couple of days we had! The Bothy is "off-grid". Those are solar panels on the roof and that, along with bottled gas for the cooker and hot water, is the only form of power. There were no sockets, apart from a couple of 12v car chargers (for phones and the like), no heating apart from the log burning stove. It was really quite back to basics, albeit with Habitat soft furnishings, Le Creuset kitchen equipment, Neal's Yard scent diffusers and goose-down duvets!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Chilly in the shade, but the sun shone and shone - the best Scottish weather you can have! Small boy spend most of the time running around outside and playing on the decking.

That is when he wasn't riding on the quad bike with the farmer and visiting hours-old newly born lambs!

 We mostly spent our time relaxing. That decking was perfect for drinking coffee, eating cake and watching the scenery, after a walk up and over the hill.
Small boy attempting to "cuddle" the sheep
Daddy and wee boy
The family out for a walk
And of course, the snowdrops were out in force!

Can I keep those legs, please?
In the evenings, we had lasagne brought from home and red wine, and after Small Boy was in bed we sat round the fire with our books/kindles!

All in all (apart from the intermittent hot water availability) it was pretty damn perfect!



  1. This looks absolutely idyllic...was this after your trip to hospital? You'd all certainly earned some special family time together if so... So glad for you :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. No, sadly this was before the hospital trip, so all that de-stressing was kind of for nothing... but we'll just go back. And it just dawned on me today that the National Museum of Costume is in Dumfries which was just 10 miles away! We wouldn't have had time anyway, but definitely another reason for going back to the area!

  3. What an amazing looking place for a break! Off-grid with a dollop of luxury! Nice xxx


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