Wednesday, 20 March 2013

There may be trouble ahead...

Today is the first day of Spring, apparently (well, according to this morning's Today programme).  And yet yesterday, I literally couldn't get to work because of the snow! What is going on with this crazy weather? The snow has now gone, but my garden is now flooded. Luckily the snow drops and crocuses are bravely soldiering on.

So, who's seen the new Colette pattern, then? The Laurel...

Isn't this a lovely little dress? Very typically Colette in that it's vintage inspired, classic and ripe for interpretation.

I have been promising myself that I am not going to be buying any more patterns until I've used a few more in my stash, and made the 2nd or 3rd versions of the patterns I want to make (more Violets, more Kellys, another Charlotte, a "proper" Elisalex, another Sorbetto), and that blasted coat that my mum keeps asking me about every time I see her. But isn't this cute?

Lately I've been feeling a bit under the weather - work is really busy, as I come the end of my secondment, and I come home shattered most evenings. As such, I've done very little sewing for a good few weeks now. As a result of that I've started to feel quite stressed about the various challenges I've commited to. Now obviously the world will not end if I don't actually sewalong with the Elisalex sewalong, and that it really doesn't matter if I don't finish my Mad Men dress on time, but I do need to finish my Nautical Craft Swap item as that's for another person and she's depending on me - yes, literally her life will be over if I don't post her a nautical inspired craft item on 5th April!!! :). OK, so I need to get some perspective on this. I also, as P pointed out last night, need to stop over-committing myself. So, after these, no more challenges, no more sewalongs, I promised myself.

And then Sarai launched this today...


I really shouldn't stress myself out more. I really shouldn't spend more money. I really don't have the time. I really am not that creative (compared to others in the blogosphere out there), so I don't have a hope in hell of winning anything. But...

There is 15% off the pattern until Friday, AND a free downloadable Laurel Extras book. It really does look like a simple and therefore quick garment to sew up. I LOVE the shape and it totally fits in with my current 60's style obsession. I could potentially stash bust. There are lots of prizes. I have 2 weeks holiday (by myself, with no current plans, other than to meet a friend, Jo) at the end of April/begining of May... it could be done.

So, who's in?! :)



  1. I too am wondering why I committed myself to some of the same things that you have - eek! Sewing and making things shouldn't feel like work commitments with deadlines should it?
    I too am prioritising the Nautical Swap, as the others don't really have any accountability or consequence.
    Hope your holiday goes well and re-invigorates you!

    1. You're right. It is starting to feel a bit more like work! That's not good!

  2. I'm feeling the same! I hope to work on my Nautical Swap this weekend, but I'm currently doing Cake Pattern's Pavlova sewalong. Steph's split us into 'houses' so you feel like you're letting your housemates down if you don't finish (not Steph's intent at all, but I can't help feeling that way). I have my second Charlotte to finish and a Cordova that just needs some tweaking. Oh and the Mathilde all printed out. And I would have loved to make an Archer. So I just shouldn't take on anything else. But it's hard - like being a kid in a candy store where the shopkeeper keeps pulling out more really cool new things to try! I hope work gets better for you and you enjoy your time off! (Confession - I had to look up the word secondment).

  3. We're all suffering from Sewing Challenge Fatigue and it's only March! And I know what you mean about letting your house down!

    Secondment? Is that maybe a British word then? What would you call it? :)

    Shar, are you on flikr or anything like that? I'd love to see the things you've made!

  4. Secondment is a British word. I'm thinking we would use 'temporarily reassigned' or 'loaned'. I am on Flickr under Shar_L. I think if you have a Flickr account, I can add you as a contact and vice versa. Have a great weekend and I hope it's much warmer there than it's supposed to be here!

  5. This post made me laugh - in a sympathetic, "I hear you" kind of way! I think every sewist knows that feeling - there's ALWAYS something new and exciting ( or even old and hitherto-unencountered) coming up. The Nautical Craft Swap was one I'd had my eye on, and am still feeling a bit regretful that I didn't put my hand up for it, but I truly don't know how I would have fitted it in at the moment...I'm hoping it's an ongoing yearly event!
    Good luck with all your challenges, and with knowing which, if any, to put aside for now. (Because Laurel really is beautiful....sorry! Not helpful :/ )
    Hope you're feeling much netter soon, too oxo


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