Monday, 4 March 2013

A quilt show, a holiday and a trip to hospital.

Well, it's been a wee while since my last post, and gosh it's been an eventful week in the Grosgrain Green household!

The week began with the Edinburgh Quilting Show, moved onto a couple of days mini-holiday, followed by a couple more days DIYing/pottering and culminated with an overnight stay in Sick Kids with Small Boy!

First things first, Small Boy is OK. He developed a cough midweek, which became a little bit wheezy, which by Friday evening was a LOT wheezy. He had a similar episode last November, which was diagnosed as a viral infection, and we had an inhaler leftover from then, but that didn't make much difference, so off to Sick Kids it was. As soon as they put him on the nebuliser he was fine, but they wanted to keep a close eye on his oxygen levels, and to give him the puffer/inhaler every couple of hours through the night. Eventually about 1am we were admitted and I was given a little camp bed to sleep on next to him. P was sent home - only one parent allowed to stay! It was actually fine, but Small Boy only slept for about 4 hours and I had even less! By early afternoon on Saturday they were happy, and he was discharged. He's been fine since, although still has his puffer until tomorrow, and he's full of stories about his adventure to "hostipal". His new favourite game is playing Dr Small Boy!

So, between little time, a holiday with no wifi or internet access and a bit of parental stress, I've had little time to READ blog posts, never mind write one. I finally checked Bloglovin yesterday and had 153 unread posts! Isn't that insane!?

So to the updates I was intending to write. I have done no sewing since I last posted (for obvious reasons), but I did visit Edinburgh Quilting Show! This is a twice yearly event, held in the Royal Highland Showground at Ingliston. It was my first visit, and I went with my mum and her friend, J. My mum, who doesn't really quilt but has made the odd thing, and J, who does quilt, have been before several times, and I'd always fancied it but never been able to go. Although I have never quilted and don't really do much in the way of crafting either, I like to look at quilts. I love the work and thought that goes into them, even if I don't particularly like the aesthetic, and struggle a bit with what, exactly, you would do with them once you'd made them. Most, are clearly not designed to go on a bed! And anyway, I knew there would be fabric and haberdashery for sale... I wasn't wrong!

I had really wanted to write a whole post about the show but unfortunately most of the stands forbid you from taking photos. I did manage a sneaky, terrible few on my iPhone of which only this one is worth showing (and even then, it's not really, but I feel like I need a photo!).
Actually took this by accident, but you can see how the fat quarters were stacked high!
The show was heaving with OAPs. In fact, when queuing to get in, the girl in front of me turned round and said "oh good! Someone my age". She looked most disappointed when I explained I was meeting 2 sixty-somethings inside!

It was good though. I really enjoyed the day. Yes, there were loads of hideous "granny" things but there were equally lots and lots of beautiful things - quilts, fabrics, you name it! Being the one of the three of us, who was really just going for a look and not intending to buy, I was the one who bought the most! So? What did I buy? Come closer, and take a look!

So, from left to right:
1. A GORGEOUS vintage-style boy-and-girl-playing-with-sailing-boats print. 1 fat quarter. Here's a lovely close up!

I did briefly consider this for House of Pinheiro's Craft Swap, but there was only 1 piece left and it was just too gorgeous for me to give away! I have no idea what I'll do with it, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. Eventually.
2. Retro coffee pot print on red background. 1 fat quarter. Again, have no idea what I'll do with this, but love it!
3. Citrus print. 1 fat quarter. I plan to make a toy oven glove for my nephew with this. I made one for Small Boy's Christmas this year, and as it worked out well, I thought I'd do another. Unfortunately my nephew's will be way cooler than Small Boys!
4. Bane bag kit, like this. I haven't opened the pack yet, and it didn't photograph too well, but it's essentially a kit to make 2 little bags from Japanese cotton. Here is a photo of the fabrics I got:

I plan to use one bag as a sunglasses case and the other to save my iPod from getting scratched in my bag.

I also bought this:

The colour is a little brighter in real life, and I LOVE this. I bought 2.5 metres (it was £6 a metre, so a bargain!), with the idea that I'd used this for my Mad Men Challenge dress. However since then I've changed my mind. It's probably more 50's than 60's, and I'm actually thinking it might better suit a different silhouette. Maybe a Peony? Or an Elisalex with a half-circle skirt? Definitely something a bit more summery. It is also nothing like the actual Joan dress I'm using as inspiration, so the search goes on for what I will use for that dress (although Fabric Godmother has some lovely floral stretch cottons, just in!)

I also bought a couple of other fat quarters, specifically with HOP's Craft Swap in mind. I won't divulge what these are to keep my planned project a secret, but have something in mind. Unfortunately they don't absolutely stick to the colour rules of the project (red/white/blue), so not sure if Rachel will let me bend the rules slightly... I'll wait to find out more about the person I'm eventually paired up with, and will then find out. Failing that, I guess I'll have even more fabric to add to my stash!


  1. I went to the Edinburgh Quilt show too. There were some lovely pieces of artwork there but I agree with you, mostly wall hangings and not for use as an actual quilt. But I love the effort and thought they all put into creating something new and that is always inspiring!
    I also made purchases for the HOP Craft swap!! Great minds think alike!
    Hope the coming week is a better one for you.

    1. How funny that you were there too! Imagine if we bought the same things!? Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Gorgeous fabric! I love the sailing boats, so cute!

    Hope your wee one stays healthy, I have not been to the Sick Kids with either of mine (yet...!) I was never out of the place as the child!


    1. Thank you. I love them too!

      Yes, the wee one is fine now. Well done if you've not been with yours... this was our third trip in 2.5 years!

  3. I'm so glad your son is feeling better. We had a home nebulizer for my daughter when she was small, but she grew out of needing it so hopefully your son will soon too. It sounds like you had a good time at the quilt show. I love your fabric choices (especially the retro coffee pots)!

    1. Thank you! P's niece also had a nebuliser when she was young and she too grew out of it.

      And thanks re the fabrics! Not sure what I'll do with the coffee pots, but I'll just admire that for the time being! :)

  4. I'm so glad your little one's doing better - there's nothing so scary as having your child in hospital/hostipal (that's so sweet).
    Lovely haul at the quilt show too - those sailboats are gorgeous! And if it's just appreciating rather than making quilts (I relate :) ) you might like Amazing artistry!

  5. Thanks Danielle, will check it out! :)


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