Monday, 29 July 2013

1950's Petticoat

I made my petticoat! It was a bit of a thing in the end, because I made one version, decided I didn't like it and then ignored it until the night before the party. Cue finishing at midnight, many a threat of abandoning it and nearly some tears along the way! I was really glad I did it though because I felt amazing in my outfit!!!

Here it is:

And here it is, as part of the finished outfit:

It didn't make my skirt huge, but then I didn't want it huge - and actually it felt quite big wearing it. I'm surprised at how small it looks in photos to tell the truth! However, if it had been much bigger, I think it might have felt a bit cartoonish and I was going for elegant!

I think this might be the second time in my life I've felt elegant - after my wedding day!
I wore the dress with a pearl necklace that may or may not have been real, may or may not have been my Gran's, and may or may not have been the one I wore when I got married. My mum has 2 and can never remember which is which! I'm fairly sure it's the fake one and it's not the one I got married in (too long). I have no idea if it was my Gran's but I suspect they both were, so it potentially pre-dates the 50's. The beaded cardigan I have had for years, originally bought to wear to a winter wedding about 10 years ago. It's just from Oasis so not actually vintage, but I absolutely love it! It's wool though, so very warm to wear in summer. It didn't last long on!

I am absolutely useless at doing hair, so I was particularly proud of this achievement:

I followed a tutorial on Youtube, which was meant to be a proper full updo with more pin curls. The rest failed but the front one seemed to be happy to stay in place. I thought I might do a half up-half down type style, hence the feather/jewel-y thing, which is totally un-50's (from Urban Outfitters about 4 years ago and it has also passed for 1920's style previously) but then decided I preferred a ponytail, which gave the illusion of a hair up from the front and left the feathers in because I like them! 

I think I can confidently say, I was the most authentically dressed person on the night, mainly due to the hair and the petticoat! Everyone made a really good effort, and there were lots of glamorous 50's style dresses, and a few who focussed more on the "summer" part of the theme, with pineapples proving very popular! I did feel a little overdressed, however, better to be over than underdressed. I thought I looked great and I got a lot of compliments!!! :)

Danielle has asked for a tutorial on the petticoat. I don't feel I am really qualified to write a tutorial on this (nor to teach Danielle anything), however I will write a post on how I made it, including the very excellent tutorial I loosely based it on. I'll do a separate post on that to keep things simple, so stay tuned!



  1. You do look elegant (the compliments were well deserved)! I think the petticoat is a perfect fullness for the dress and your hair is fantastic!

    1. Thank you. And yes, really proud of my hair! :)

  2. You look great - all the effort and cursing obviously paid off because the petticoat worked! And you look very elegant :)

  3. The petticoat was definitely worth it, it brings enough fullness in the dress. You look elegant in all of the photos!

  4. I'm so glad you went with the dress and petticoat option (and not just because I really want to know how to make one ;) ) - you look so elegant! And very authentic :) I love your hair too, well done!

  5. you look fantastic! i so need to make an underskirt so i'll be holding on for your tutorial!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully the tutorial will be OK for you! Give me a shout if you need any pointers.


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