Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Completed: Bunting!

I have been doing some sewing for Small Boy.

I have been meaning to make bunting for his bedroom since before he was born! I know bunting can verge on the twee, but I thought in some nice bright colours it could look quite cool. And that was as far as I got, because, you know. Then, when we were on holiday, my sister bought some handmade bunting for my niece's bedroom. I wish I'd taken some photos of that in the shop* because it was really well designed. Each of the little pendants had letters appliqu├ęd on, plus some ribbony decorative bits too. So far, so typical bunting. The interesting bit was when you came to attach the pendants to the bias binding/twill tape. Rather than thread the tape through a tube at the top of each pendant, the pendants had a button at each of the top 2 corners, and the tape had button holes right along it's length. You simply buttoned the pendants in place, meaning it was really easy to change things around. The woman in the shop suggested buying numbers to use for birthday parties and changing the number each year. My sister stopped short at that, but it was nice idea. I would ask my sis if I could take photos of the stuff she bought, but I suspect she may not want my niece's name out there on t'internet.

* This is when I realise I am such a rubbish blogger. It honestly didn't occur to me that I could have asked the woman in the shop if I could have photographed it there and then, and then done a wee "feature", but I actually got back from my holiday. I need to get more with it!

Anyway, my sister's purchase spurred me into action, realising that I had better get making bunting before Small Boy is old enough to have an opinion about interior decor!

Ta dah!

 I am really pleased with this! You don't really need a tutorial to make bunting, but I did refer to this one just to get an idea of what size to make the pendants. I thought it might be a bit of a boring project, sewing all those triangles, but it was actually quite relaxing and strangely addictive! I did all the cutting out and sewing the triangles together in one night, accompanied by a glass of red, and Dates. I didn't measure how many I needed, I just cut triangles until it looked like quite a large pile, with a good mix of colours/patterns. The fabric is a true amalgamation of stuff I bought for the purpose (way back when) and scrap stash busting. Using scraps was a really nice way of doing it, because when I showed Small Boy, he immediately said "that's your bird dress, Mummy", "that's my car bag" and "this one has lighthouses". His favourite is the bird fabric - that's my boy!

 I used any fabric that I had, the only restriction being that it had to be bright colours. Anything too pastely was vetoed.

 I bought the bias binding on ebay. It's the horrible scratchy poly cotton stuff, but perfect for this, and was only £3.40 incl postage for 10m. God knows what I'll do with the rest of it!

I made around 5m in the end, which wasn't quite long enough, but it looks OK. I might do a bit more another time. My sister is also planning to borrow it to help decorate the hall for my nephew's 4th birthday party on Saturday! I really should have made more!

 While we are on the subject of selfless sewing, I thought I'd share some other bits and bobs I have made for Small Boy over the past few years.

The cushions were made with leftover fabric from his curtains (which I also made, but just couldn't photograph well), which I made when pregnant. I made the patchwork dog following instructions from Cath Kidston's Patch book. But I didn't make it in expensive CK prints! You will spot some of the dog's fabrics in the bunting!

Strawberry print oven glove made to go with his little kitchen. I just made this up as I went along. Again, you'll spot this fabric in the bunting!

Finally, a Noodlehead widemouth bag, made in a car print, with gingham lining (both in the bunting). I made this to hold all some of his small toys - peg puzzle pieces, cars etc. It actually doesn't get used that much, but I really like it!

My next selfless sewing plans are to make another oven glove for my niece (it was meant to be for my nephew but since he's nearly 4, I'm not so sure he'll be interested) and a dress for my niece's 2nd birthday in September. That's the plan anyway. We'll see!



  1. The bunting is awesome! You're hanging memories on the walls since each fabric has history to it. I really need to do some unselfish sewing (I owe some stuffies to a niece and nephew and my husband keeps asking when I'm going to make him something). Congrats too on winning the Simplicity pattern. When I saw your name I was as happy as if I'd won - you've had a tough time recently and you were due for some good luck! I may have to buy this one after seeing all of Gertie's versions.

    1. Awww, thanks Shar. That's so kind of you to say that! It is a cute pattern and I'm looking forward to making it!

      Yes, I have also actually promised my husband a casual shirt at some point! As if I didn't overcommit to myself enough, never mind others!

  2. Very boy-friendly bunting! Great idea.

  3. Hi Helen, that bunting looks great, My Hubby keeps perstering me to make some for the house, must get around to it soon.

    1. Thanks Claire! Cool that your hubby wants bunting!!! :)

  4. It looks great, isn't it wonderful when you find a project for using up those scraps of favourite fabrics? I have a list of selfless sewing to do!

    1. Yes, it's good that you can absolutely justify holding onto all those little bits, when your husband challenges you! And it's even nicer to know you made something for very little, or no, cost!

  5. All of your selfless sewing here is so lovely. And how sweet that your son recognises all the bits and pieces! I kind of wish my boys were still young enough to appreciate bunting now...


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