Sunday, 10 May 2015

Me Made May 15 - days 1 to 10

I did mean to do a weekly update, but we were on holiday, and didn't take the laptop, and then, well, I forgot. Anyway, if you are really keen, I'm posting daily on Instagram.

Just to remind you, my challenge was to wear me made every day of May, with 8 days wearing handmade bottoms (dresses, trousers, skirts, jeans all count as bottoms, although I don't actually have handmade versions of all of those things...). The reason I picked eight was that it equates (roughly) to 2 per week. I didn't stipulate 2 per week though, because I (correctly, as it turns out) anticipated that I wouldn't manage any handmade bottoms last week. An outdoorsy type holiday does not generally lend itself to skirt wearing, and while I am happy to be pushed out of my comfort zone on this challenge, I did not want to miss out on any running and jumping about on beaches. Also, I didn't want to be miserably cold! 'Cause, you know, it was my holiday too!

Let's get on with the roundup. Just so you know, I've also decided to record the RTW items I wear, so I can see what gets most wear. It has become apparent after only a few days that I really am a creature of habit! For context, I've also decided to give a bit of a summary on what I was doing each day, although this may dwindle a bit after this week, given it will mostly turn into "playing with children, doing housework".

Day1: Unblogged Simplicity 3835, worn with Tu jeans, Boden cardigan and Converse. Keeping my favourite stuff clean for holiday!

Day 2: refashioned polo shirt (was a Maternity refashion, which I shortened and took in a bit more), worn with Gap jeans, same Boden cardi as yesterday and Converse. Travelling in the car to Skye.

Day 3: Grainline Scout Tee in Atelier Brunette, with second hand Country Casuals cardigan, Gap jeans, Topshop necklace and Clarks brogues (although, here I'm wearing my slippers!). We went for lunch to my Uncle and Aunt's house (we holidayed near their house). Small Boy photobomb.

Day 4: Double Linden. Quilted Linden sweatshirt, over an un blogged Linden tee in black jersey. Gap jeans, Sainsbury's scarf and wellies (gift). Jumping for joy on Coral Beach. This is officially my most favourite photo of me, ever.

Day 5: viscose pleat front Scout tee that has not photographed well! Gap jeans. It was pouring on this day, so I also wore a jumper, hat, scarf and gloves!

Day 6: Metallic Linden sweatshirt with random RTW tank, Gap jeans, converse (again...yawn).The other me-made is this squishy boy who turned one!!! He is wearing a birthday tee, which was decorated by his older brother. I'll post his tee separately. We went for lunch at a van hire place, ate 2 birthday cakes, went to a medieval graveyard in the middle of a river, drank champagne. You know, the usual first birthday activities. 

Day 7: True Bias Sutton blouse with Tu trousers, Clarks brogues and a Boden parka. I think the Country Casuals cardi was under the jacket too. My Uncle and Aunt babysat, and we managed a Michelin starred lunch, followed by a mile long walk to a lighthouse (yes, in those shoes).

Day 8: Metallic Linden sweatshirt over my Atelier Brunette Scout. Gap jeans, wellies, Boden parka etc for a day of dinosaur hunting. Fossil museum, followed by hunting for (genuine) fossilised dinosaur footprints at Staffin Bay. We didn't find them.

Day 9: Poloshirt refashion again with Gap jeans and converse. Basically the exact same outfit as day 2. Travelling home.

Day 10. Burda Anda dress. This is actually a Maternity dress, which I was planning to refashion, but I thought I'd see if I could wear it as is. I think it looks OK, and general consensus on IG agreed! Clarks brogues, tights. First day of "bottoms". Unpacking, doing washing and we went swimming. Small Boy swam by himself for the first time ever. I have no make up on here, which is very apparent.

So, thoughts after the first 10 days:
  • As expected, if I want a more complete handmade wardrobe, I need to make some trousers and/or jeans. I did attempt to finish a pair of Ultimate Trousers before the holiday but time got away from me, and I'm still not comfortable the fit is right. I will go back to these.
  • I am also lacking some basic jersey tees. I found it difficult not wearing my favourite and most worn RTW tee on holiday, which is a long sleeve Boden breton tee (similar here. Mine is about 4 years old). I've been trying for ages to find my perfect breton tee pattern, but I think I may have finally found it in the Tessuti Brigitte Tee. Now to find fabric.
  • I wear the same jeans and Converse all the time, although there were 2 different pairs of Gap jeans in there. It might be time to consider branching out. See Ultimate Trousers. I also fancy both the Named Alexandria trouser and the recently released Papercut Guise pants.
  • Today, day 10, I felt weird wearing a dress. I am so in the jeans, converse and top rut that I have spent the last year in. Having said that, it was a very comfortable dress, and it was nice to wear something different.
  • My hair is looking awful these days! So frizzy and it never sits right. I definitely need a good haircut!

How are you finding Me Made May this year, if you are taking part? Are you fed up yet, or still enjoying it? Any epiphanies?



  1. Well done on your 10 days of me-mades so far. I decided to take part at the last minute, and am also challenging myself to sort out my mending/refashioning pile. So far no revelations but I've been enjoying it and wonder if I will manage to make it to the end of the month - I often don't!

  2. All your outfits are great and that photo of you is brilliant! I am in the jeans and top rut as well since knee high boots and my lighter weight skirts don't go, this is what inspired my frantic trouser making this weekend!

  3. Great start to the month! I like the way you're documenting everything; such a useful way to gauge exactly what you like to wear (as opposed to what you like to sew!) I think you've done really well so far especially given the fact that your holiday (which sounds wonderful...) narrowed your options a bit. Lucky you're the Linden Queen!

  4. Looks like a brilliant holiday. That beach is stunning and I love the pic. I really like your polo refashion, the back buttons look cool :)


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