Saturday, 23 May 2015

Me Made May: Days 16 to 22

Another week's roundup. Still going strong!

Day 16: Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers, with Oasis tee and crochet Converse. Day 3/8 of bottoms. A day of swimming lessons and gardening (I changed for the gardening, into RTW jeans with my quilted Linden (no photo though). These trousers are so comfy, and I love them, even if Small Boy did tell me they looked like pyjamas, because, I MADE TROUSERS! Also, Baby Boy started crawling today!

Day 17: Atelier Brunette Grainline Scout Tee with Whistles jeans, and presumably shoes at some point. Another day of gardening (again I changed).

Day 18: A doubler! SOI Ultimate Trousers again (sorrynotsorry), with ruffle bum Grainline Scout tee and Clarks shoes. Day 4/8 of bottoms. My sister and her 2 kids came for lunch and a play. I think these trousers might be a bit marmite, I definitely noticed my sis checking them out, but she never mentioned them, which probably means she didn't like them. 

Day 19: another doubler. Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt, with Marilla Walker Sailor Tee, plus Clarks brogues. Day 5/8 of bottoms. Baby Boy's first settle into nursery today, plus sports class, playing in the garden and sticking together and cutting out a PDF pattern. Not the best outfit given I spent quite a bit of time sitting on the floor today, but I liked this. The tee has shrunk pretty badly (and unevenly), but i can just about get away with it with this high waisted skirt. 

Day 20: New Look 6356, plus Gap jeans and Converse. Made soup, nursery pick ups, play date. I'd forgotten about this top. I love the fabric. 

Day 21: Grainline Linden with Gap jeans. Quiet day in and around the house.

Day 22 (part 1): Grainline Linden tee in jersey (unblogged) with Gap jeans and Converse. I had 2 hours to myself, as Baby Boy was having a settle at nursery (count down to return to work has begun), which I spent having a peaceful coffee and shopping for bras.

Day 22 (part 2): Lily Sage & Co Seachange Top. Hubby and I went to see Belle & Sebastian (my favourite band) in Glasgow. They were superb, as always. Second public toilet selfie of the day!

No particular thoughts or relevations this week. I'm still enjoying Me Made May, and I'm even still OK with taking daily photos. I'm particularly loving joining in on Instagram, and the support and camaraderie on there.

How are you going with it? Do you have fatigue yet, or are you still enjoying the challenge?



  1. I'm loving your daily instagram pics & your outfits! That Linden sweater is just perfect! In also inspired by your trouser making & really need to give it a go.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn. Yes, give them a go. I think the thought is far worse
      Than the actual doing.

  2. You've made some lovely pieces, Helen. I particularly covet your Seachange top! I'm still in Me Made May and enjoying it, even the photographing every day. In a way I think having to take photos every day wherever you are is a great thing as it really makes you focus on the clothes. I know some bloggers apologise for taking photos with their mobile phones but I'm not one of them!

    1. A really great point, Joyce. Taking photos is really making me realise how much I wear the same few things over and over. And, yep, I'm totally fine with mobile selfies too. :)

  3. I only use my phone, my camera is broken and at the low end of financial priorities. I think you are doing great. Finding your wardrobe very inspiring. I now NEED a lindon and my own trousers!

    1. Yes. Yes you do!!! Seriously, I don't know what I wore before I made my Lindens!

  4. Love your outfits, I may have to investigate the Linden pattern, too many nice ones out there, especially your metallic one!

  5. Nice one! I love that seachange top so much. Plus the metallic linden.
    I'm flagging in terms of pics but going strong in terms of wears :)

  6. I really admire how well you've matched your sewing to your lifestyle. (does that make sense?) Everything looks great, and so exactly right for the day's needs. It's taken me a long time to start to get that in my own sewing. And I've got a serious case of Linden-envy happening... (Incidentally, your quilted version inspired a -completely different - project of mine, so thanks!)


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