Friday, 15 May 2015

Me Made May: Days 11 to 15

A shorter update this week.

Day 11: Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank, with Gap jeans and Oasis cardigan. Just a day in and about the house. Nursery pick up, trip to Tesco, nothing special. Love this tank, the colour is so vibrant, and it works well under a cardi for cooler days.

Day 12: second day of bottoms. Grainline Moss Mini, with Boden Breton tee and mustard tights. This was a really busy day of housework, nursery pick up, Small Boy's sports class, a play date and then my stepson and his girlfriend came over early evening to celebrate his birthday. I loved this outfit, and so did everyone on Instagram. This photo got more "likes" than I've ever received there previously!!! I picked the tights because black felt too wintery. I did get a few strange looks, but I didn't really care. The only problem was that it wasn't the most comfy outfit. The tights fall down constantly (need to get more in a different brand, in this colour), and, as the skirt is too big it twists round and requires a lot of fiddling with. But I'll probably wear it again anyway! I really wanted to wear it with my red clogs, but it was meant to rain. Next time. 

Day 13: Colette Violet blouse, with Gap jeans and Clarks brogues. Nursery, housey stuff and a 1.5 mile walk down to the new card shop. We got the bus back.

Day 14: Colette Laurel blouse in Liberty, with Gap jeans, Converse and Oasis cardigan. Found a frog in the lid of the sandpit - it has collected rainwater, and a fairly large frog has moved in. I was a bit meh about this blouse. It's too tight at the armholes and so feels a bit restrictive. Plus it's usually a work blouse, and it's very different from what I've been wearing recently. However, as the day progressed i stopped noticing the tightness, and realised that I may not have been wearing florals recently, but it's still the same colour palette I've been wearing a lot! As evidenced on...

Day 15: Grainline pleat front Scout, with Whistles jeans and crochet converse. Oasis cardigan now comes as standard. Small Boy is at private nursery, as opposed to school nursery, on a Friday, so Baby Boy and I have the day to ourselves (read: I get to sew during his naps!!!). Did a bit of work on my trouser fitting. Glad I found these jeans, just to break up the monotony. Otherwise a comfortable and frequently worn outfit. 

Orange is my summer neutral. I wore that cardigan 4 out of the 5 days (I also wore it day 13 although it's not pictured). Maybe I should sew more in that colour?

I need some sewing trousers. When I'm fitting bottoms (and these trousers have required a lot of trying on), I cannot be bothered to have to wriggle in and out of skinnies all the time, and as we live on the ground floor, we are too exposed for me to sew in my pants! I ended up wearing purple pyjama bottoms when sewing this week as they were quick and easy to pop on and off. I don't actually own a comfy pair of knit bottoms, but I'm thinking something like the True Bias Hudsons would be good - and would mean I could also actually answer the door/pop to the shop in them too. 

Pushing myself out of my jeans and a top comfort zone is worth it. And I need to see what other coloured tights I have! Oh, and I've bought the Brigitte tee pattern and ordered fabric, to make my very own me made Breton style top. 

*Apologies for the lack of links in this post, but I've written it on the iPad, and the blogger app doesn't seem to let you add links, bizarrely. If I remember, I will come back and edit this post another time. [ETA: Links to garments now added]



  1. Your outfits are great, the yellow tights are fab, shame the fall down, that would drive me nutty! I normally wear leggings or pj's for sewing bottom halves!

  2. I love your moss mini & Breton tee outfit! I also really like that Violet blouse. I have the same issue of restrictive arms with one of my scout tees, although I love it I don't wear it must now as not comfy for playing & picking up small people!


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