Thursday, 14 March 2013

Decision made!

Thank you everyone who very kindly helped me out with my indecision over fabric choice. You will all be pleased to know that I let you make the decision for me took your comments on board, and ordered the Fabric Godmother floral stretch cotton! I ordered it on Tuesday morning and it arrived today (super speedy!), and I am so glad I did it! Look how lovely it is!

The print is quite busy, but the colours are fairly muted, so it's not too much to look at. The fabric only has a slight stretch, but enough that it'll add a bit of comfort and ease of wear, when I'm wearing it to the Post Office (as suggested by Shar!). It has a bit of body but wouldn't work for a proper Elisalex - but should work for my Charlotte bottom half. (Just thinking how bizarre that last sentence would sound to a non-sewer!).

Here is another pic of it draped over my bed!

So, I am v happy with my choice and v grateful to all of you for your input! :) Now I need to get cracking on the dress, I only have just over a month to get it done!

Here is another little craft/DIY project that I completed at the weekend!

A magnetic pen holder for the fridge! I can't take any credit for the ingenuity, as this was something I Pinned a while back, and so full credit goes to A Pretty Cool Life. This was literally an empty pimenton/paprika tin, 3 magnets from ebay and a tube of superglue. That's it!

And now we never have an excuse for not being able to find a pen again! Pen lids, however, are another thing altogether...

H x


  1. The fabric is gorgeous, great choice :)

    The pen tin is a great idea, the simplest things are always the best!


  2. Helen, I'm so glad you bought it!! I think it will perfect! I'm interested to see how the Elisalex bodice and Charlotte skirt fit together. The magnetic pen holder is great - I love little projects like that. Just a little bit of time but so useful.

  3. That's lovely fabric, look forward to seeing the final dress.

  4. Your fabric is gorgeous - this dress is going to be stunning! (You'll be the best dressed gal at the Post Office by far)) Can't wait to see it! And that pen holder is just genius.

  5. Thank you everyone for reinforcing that I have made the right decision! Better crack on with that muslin now!

  6. It was the right decision & I want said finished dress & photo to feature on my blog once it's finished!


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